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01-08-2015 07:07 PM it's all in the timing
Thats what she said.
Being new to all this, I'm learning about timing.
This new distributor wasn't quite what it was spect'ed, I suspect.
And the farther I go in hotroddom, the more supicious I get.
Got the total timing down to 38*, going for 2 maybe 4* more.
It came with 3 sets of "L" shaped tabs to limit timing, went to the shortest provided.
Have modified them, by adding material-- testing tomorrow.
If I get it figured out- may do a thread on Pertronix dist.

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  [Entry #198]

01-05-2015 07:47 PM Praise God and pass the amunition.
To celebrate I bought a sandwich and a 6 pack.
Temp up tp 45 yesterday, 50 something today, and the 5 minute rule.
Never heard of it,--- but just get out for one little thing! It was a new hard line to the carb.
So at dusk I got her up again, starts hot or cold-- it's an animal.
Guess old age and cold temps really don't mix.
Testing tomorrow!!!! The new distributor/carb/shifter/ ectra.

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  [Entry #197]

12-23-2014 03:25 PM Santa was here
He dropped off my xmas present.
I went with pertronix again since I've got their coil, which runs at 12 volts.
I can't get over Summits ability to get parts to my door in 24 hours.
They must catch a flight up the west coast every night, and I'm two miles from sea-tac.
Tomorrow we're back on the road.

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  [Entry #196]

12-22-2014 03:19 PM might check the obvious first
the other night when I ran out of gas, I also found my head lights worked on
high not low beams.
Nothing comes easy with this hot rod stuff, so I figured I got something hooked up wrong on the switch, maybe bad dimmer switch at 65 years old. Wire has come loose or is corroded.
Pull the switch out of the dash, wired right, power where it's supposed to be.
Put on the grubby's ,jack the car up. The dimmer seems fine.
Go out front and the relay is unplugged. WOOFDA

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  [Entry #195]

12-19-2014 07:11 PM change of temperament
I'm evil wicked mean and nasty
Jumpy shaky and easily irritated.
I'm surviving on less inhaled nicotine per hour, than would keep a mouse alive.
Interesting day, got the cooler all hooked up, found a trany leak I hadn't seen before. Hit the test drive, same route, engine hit 140* in 10 minutes.
New cooler never did reach 160*, need some NASCAR tape to plug up the air flow.
Changed the running lights, got some color now, didn't change the sockets. Ran an extra ground to each,
Still have to pull grill to change bulbs. Save that project for warm weather.
Got a chance to run out of gas at 4pm friday night rush hour.
But that did empty any low octane crappy gas I was carrying, still hear some spark nock on acceleration. I Hope it's just coming in too fast, fix w/ springs. It wont run below 12* advanced, plus the 24* mech. it should run at 36* total- maybe not.
For got - I got a compliment sort of.
Ready to take off from a light, saw something
a little gal taking pictures of the hot rod on a cell phone.

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  [Entry #194]

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