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06-19-2014 12:30 AM cardiac kid
this time last night, I was sure my motor done blowed up.
Put my scorpion roller rockers in yesterday. Set the lash and double checked them.
While the air filter was off the Autolite 4100, I noticed the tube that supplies the choke heater was wide open. So I capped it. Noticed the plugs just a bit rich, turned the idle screws in 1/4.
Fired up the motor with the cut open valve cover, these rockers get oil immediately.
The stamped steel roller tipped rockers weren't getting oil, I'd guess the holes
weren't lined up with the push rods.
Put another 30 mi. on. Sounded different, maybe louder. Idle more lumpy.
When I got back rechecked all the rocker lash, good to go, Idle still off.
It was idling and I'm about to fiddle with the timing again, when
bang poof. Sounded like a bolt came loose, then again and again. Shut it down.
I was certain I'd lost a new rocker, maybe a wrist pin keeper.
By this morning I was certain, because of the rhythm of the sounds it was one cylinder
one rocker or valve. Pull the rocker boxes off and every thing is fine, puddles of oil on the polly locks. Pull the plugs, check all push rods- fine. But the plugs were black and sooty.
So capping that tube made it run so rich, it couldn't burn all the fuel at idle.
Guess it was firing in the headers. Thats why the bigger bangs also.
Did another 40 or so today it seems fine. Got 197 on now. I'll check the valve lash in the morning,
put on another 30-40, then tear open the oil filter. See if there's any nuts and bolts in there.
If not, we'll head for the free way till a 500 mi oil change. Like to get 1000 on before getting on the 1/4 mile. Still shooting for Good Guys late July.
My passenger side race door/with a handle, will be here next tuesday, and hood goes on after oil change. Got a guy looking for a column shifter, get the lokar off the floor.
Got to start thinking about hot rod air-conditioning, my 3.55 gears, maybe tip up front end.
New plug wires showed up this PM.

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  [Entry #133]

06-14-2014 10:20 PM Got a handle on this
While I was waiting for the rain to arrive, I put a handle on the drivers door.
Didn't find much info so I just tore into it. Got lucky, there was bondo
sticking out of the small hole, so I could locate it inside. Went from there.
Works great, sick of going through the window.
And I'll only have one door to hang for the drags.
The reason I'mm waiting for the rain to pass, after 65 miles I've got
rocker arm troubles. Installed ARP 7/16 studs, and when the sun comes back
I'll put on my fancy roller rockers.

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  [Entry #132]

06-04-2014 11:09 PM thats what you get for thinking
I thought I'd be driving this thing last week, even Sunday or monday.
No more thinking.
While I was rolling around with my new starter under the car, I notice
this three wire alternators power post is about a knife blade thickness
away from the block. First thing I remove said and shave the smooth
thread-less part off, and wire tie the boot on. Of-course the new battery cable
clamp breaks in two, and gets replaced.
I blew some $ on a Lokar throttle cable yesterday, figured I'd install.
Only thing wrong with the old one, bracket doesn't bolt to the ford intake
and the end fitting is wrong. The ball socket fitting off the new, fit the
old cable adjuster. All I had to do was make an angle bracket
and drilled a couple extra holes for for the kick down cable.
Think I've got that figured out too.
So I've got the cable hooked up and through the fire wall, no
pedal yet. Decide to fire the car and get it good and warm.
It fires right up, thumping right along, comes off the stove heater choke.
I'm down on the floor board playing with the throttle cable, and decide to
check the trany fluid. When I stand up, I see the radiator hose has popped
off, and I'm giving my new engine a bath in green slime. WOOFDA
I got the car hosed down, new radiator hose installed
and car fired up before the hockey game started.
Idled the car between periods, never did get the trany temp gauge to move.
The tac doesn't work either so I may have some gremlins there.
So I've got gas pedal, fender to hang, lights to plug in. And spacer for air cleaner to fit.
I feel like that plumber in the movie Money Pit, 2 weeks, 2 weeks.

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  [Entry #131]

06-03-2014 03:10 AM Sure the battery was toast
but so was the starter. It tested good, started three times-cold.
But killed the battery when it was hot.
The new battery is still good, and so is the new starter.
My screw up, never trusted that starter, never tested it either.
But a cold test said it was OK.
Anyhoo-thing fires right up, and no probs so far.
Idle a little rough, could be the cam, might be the plug wires.
I could feel the sparks when moving the dizzy.
Tomorrow we'll try to get it on the road. Throttle cable, hang fender, head lights.
Got 18 inches vacuum, 50 PSI oil pressure, and no weird noise.
Possible coolant leak at thermostat housing.
Ordered doors for front.

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  [Entry #130]

05-31-2014 04:45 PM The beast came to life
Holy carp that thing sounds good.
Can't wait till I get it broke in.
Did take some messing about though.
Tested the starter it checks out good.
Bought another starter relay just in case, 3 pole.
But it was the battery, toasted.
We're not done there, the night crew installed the dizzy,
about 180 out. I'll have to fire em.
Got weird things going on with my gauges,
and the alternator isn't charging.
Have to spend more time on the wiring.

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  [Entry #129]

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