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04-04-2014 06:11 PM I'm getting too old for this
So 3-4 weeks ago I pulled the spring out of one of the roller tappets
and plugged some washers in. Solid lifter. I had it in my hand along with
the adjustable push rod I bought. I put them in a special place.
Today that special place got misplaced. Spent an hour turning over
every rock in the yard. OOOFFFDA
Alls well now, sure they were in the last place I looked, cause I quit looking
when they turned up.
New trickflow push rods on the way.
Friday night hockey/beerisky time.
Tomorrow lifters and heads.

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  [Entry #96]

03-30-2014 09:52 PM Back on track
Life happens while you're busy making plans.
Wednesday I called Summit and got the cam return paper work straightened out.
Told my buddy it should arive next week.
Friday morning it was here. Friday after noon it was in.
Today put in crank and pistons/rods.
Got stuck on rod bolt torque.
Got stuck on this infernal computer,
over an hour, looking up torque specs. The ARP rod bolts came
installed on rods so no instructions. Scatt probably figures a machinist will
do the work and has the specs-I guess.
Thanks to "enginezar" for the PDF by ARP. I couldn't find it!
I had already torqued them to 45 ft#, guestimating from all I read.
Figured if I was wrong, I'm retorquing everything tomorrow morning,
I could call ARP. Funny, when you're retired
Sundays are about the same as any other, cept no one else is in the office.
And thanks to Summit, I'm blown away by the service department.

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  [Entry #95]

03-27-2014 03:24 PM Dam that doorman
All the trouble I had with brake line leaks were from
the doorman crap all these local parts houses use.
Including NAPA
From Mortorsports unlimited--Terre Haute IN
I got Allstar fittings which are heavier made
9/16ths nuts instead of 1/2 inch.
All star performance fittings

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  [Entry #94]

03-24-2014 11:05 PM Riffle brushes
Word of warning!
The fiber brushes used for oil galleys may not do the job.
I'd advise doing what I did and get riffle bore brushes. Good quality.
I had scrubbed, with hot soap and water, the block twice.
After pounding in freeze plugs & oil galley plugs,
and rotating the block on the stand. I discovered grit and lacquered
oil in the lifter bores.
I used hot soap and water with fiber brushes, not good enough.
After using 30-6 brushes this old petrified oil came out.
Along with more grit from boring and decking.

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  [Entry #93]

03-20-2014 06:59 PM Define chamfer
Cham-fer transitive verb

to make a chamfer on

This is what my machinist forgot, thought I had it
covered. Rings wont go into cylinder, will have to CHAMFER

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  [Entry #92]

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