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02-04-2014 10:39 PM self tapping screw?
When I pulled the trany out, the 1/4-20 bolt hole that holds the
speedo cable keeper, had a self tapping sheet metal screw in it.
Wasn't holding shiplap.
I paid good money to get that trany rebuilt, new clutches
and a shift kit. It was all grey aluminum when I took it in.
That tail section was black when I got it back, and it wasn't fresh paint.
So they swaped my good one for one they hamfisted and stripped the threads.
It was 34 degrees out and my feet froze while I put the heli-coil in.
Any one who runs any type of business knows, word of mouth is free advertizing.
Oh well.
Buddy came over, had him jerk around the tire in front.
I'm ordering pivot pin bushings and king pin repair kit.
Hope it warms up next week.
Waltons hasn't shipped the brake kit yet, having trouble with suppliers.
PBR time.

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02-02-2014 11:38 PM the champs
It appears that defence does win super bowls.
If they're any good next year, I might get on the band wagon.

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02-01-2014 09:55 PM the residual valve curse
Don't know what it is about brake line fittings that so hard to understand.
I've had six phone calls, seven parts runs to three different parts houses.
It's taken three days to get 6 fittings to redo my brake lines.
The 1/8th male pipe thread to 1/4 inch reverse flair adapters were the culprits.
I'm baffled, not pissed, because my master cylinder isn't here yet.
If it was and I was working on this stuff, I'd be pulling my hair out.
Both of them.

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01-31-2014 05:12 PM don't cross this line
well I didn't
what I did do was flare, bend and install the
first brake line. From the firewall back to the rear axel.
One simple offset so I couldn't foul up too bad.
I did watch some vids on running lines. And one fellow
was complaining about the flaring tool and reamers.
I got my tool 100 years ago it it's made in the USA,
have no trouble with it.
I use a machinist de-burring tool for small stuff,
heres a flea-bay add.
deburring tool
And I like the megaloc pipe dope by Hercules.
The brand probably doesn't mean too much,
just be sure it's rated for oil, gas, water and Alky.
This is about the cheapest price I could find, and don't get it inside the brake system.
pipe dope _s&askid=88967f16-5122-4a12-83ee-06c18d3bb0ad-0-sf_gsb&kv=sdb&gc=0&dqi=&qsrc=999&a mp;ad=semD&o=11429&l=dir
I'll say the brake line job isn't with out it's faults already.
I ordered the adapters for the residual valves over the phone, with a number
I got from a brake guy. Either it was a wrong number or NAPA's cross reference is wrong.
I had to go to a competitor.
On a lighter note another hockey story.
Pittsburgh flies to LA to play the Kings.
They decide to make it a moms game and take any mothers who
want to get warm in Calif.
The players complained about how much luggage they brought.
One said, Mom this is a two game road trip, not a two week vacation.

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01-30-2014 02:12 AM Speaking of more hockey
Since this is a diarrhea not a thread,
I'll share a story that just reared it's ugly head.
Maybe two stories.
Frist one' s short.
Pardon my CRS, names/places are gone already.

I'm watching a game on NBCS, they've got the best hockey announcer since Bob Blackburn. (Seattle Totems).
Camera follows a young fellow back to the bench. Announcer says this rookie spent 4 years in the minors.
How many bus trips is that? He interviewed this kid and asked "What was the strangest thing he'd seen in all those trips into minor league rinks."
"Making out the post game meal ticket, in the locker room before the game, at such and such a town.
There was three desert items on the menu.
You could have Pie or Cake or
A PACK OF CIGARETTES.-- he said it must have been from old time hockey. Not very PC.

Number two is kind of long, if your bored now- best to leave.

Couple weeks ago, Vancouver called up a rookie. Rookies usually start on the fourth line, only get 5 to 10 minutes all game, depending on the situation. Don't usually get in the first period.
Visiting team (Calgary) posted their 4th line to start the game.
The Canucks coach wasn't about to put out his skilled line to fight their goons.
4th lines are usually the tough guys.
He puts out his 4th line. * The rookie gets to start his first NHL game at home, in front of all his family and friends, on the first shift of his NHL call up! (never happens)
But 2 seconds into the game, they start a line brawl and
all ten players drop the gloves and are in a fight. They all get 5 minute fighting penalties and game misconducts. His debut ( should have written his name down) lasts 2 seconds and he's done. His first game lasts 2 seconds. He's gone to the locker room.
But a couple nights later he's on a road game, his first shift is in the middle of the period.
There's a face off, the puck comes to him, he slaps it into an empty net.
In less than two minutes in the big leagues, he's got a 5 minute major for fighting, a game misconduct, and a goal.
No one has got a story like that.
If he didn't play again-- he's a record setter.

Stories like these need to be saved like old hot rods.

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