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05-26-2014 06:11 PM sorting
Got the front end wiring sorted out.
We have park lights, turn signals.
The head lights seem to be a bit stubborn.
Think I'll eliminate the relay I put in and use the kit
relays. Not sure where the problem is yet.
Got the trany cooler mounted, radiator catch can,
engine breather catch can. 3 gal. anti freeze.
Only head lights and carb left.

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  [Entry #125]

05-24-2014 09:14 PM sorta what i figured
The radiator came back out, lower hose clamp busted.
One of those fancy factory wire ones, stripped and wouldn't
back out. Had to cut it with a dremmel.
The list is down to 4 items, 3 of which are radiator, other is trany cooler.
Manifold heater fitting and hoses in, fan and belt in adjust.
fuel press. reg., gauge & all lines in.
Remote oil filter & lines in! Coil and mount in.
The carb and linkage isn't on the list, It'll be the last thing.
Can't believe I'm this close, if this thing runs it'll be a miracle.
Hope to get out to the drags with it wed., see if I can talk a tech inspector
into looking it over for free.

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  [Entry #124]

05-22-2014 10:06 PM WOOF good news
New York scored with 28 seconds to go. Into over time.
But beyond that I sat down and made the dreaded list.
Looks like 10-11 things to do. Think I've got everything here to do em.
Now if I was back at work, having all the stuff I needed,
I'd say sure boss, be done by lunch.
But being new to 4 wheel cages, I figure 8 hours and some
world wide web time, figuring stuff out. Maybe an hour or two
redoing some stuff. And this project runs.
Barring I don't catch the whole wiring system on fire, ( I've redone some stuff )
and the fluid systems leaks are down to a dull roar. This thing could run on Sunday.
Lets say I get lucky, ( God watches out for fools) I'll hang the fenders and get the head lights working on Monday. Spend all day Tuesday burning petroleum.
I could meet my buddy out at SIR for test and tune Wednesday, He's running his 49 shoebox.

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  [Entry #123]

05-22-2014 06:17 PM Cooling
Sort of, did a static 3 hour test on original rad.
Put it in, problem with the aluminum one,
this brass and copper one I can patch, have
patched others.
Reran fuel line in steel up to pump. Buddy says they (the tech guys)
don't like to see too much hose.
Got the trany cooling lines stuffed out front, guess I'm using the trany cooler.
Goose had lots of advice.

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  [Entry #122]

05-21-2014 08:06 PM Disaster-us news
Life is over as I know it, world might as well end today.
Was reading drag strip schedule about good guys friday night drags.
down at the bottom the tech. rules
and that was the first tech rule. Rats!
Since 2002 when i started racing motor cycles out there,
I've been watching those drags, wishing I had a car to run.
Everybody's got run those drags once in a life time.Like Sturgis, did it in 84
no reason to go back. But I've been thinking about this a while.
I'll have to talk to the tech inspectors, I'd put on two
handles to race- but not 4.
Got the original radiator sitting in a tank of hot lye to get the paint off.
It looks like a fresh rebuild to me.
Those big old sixes were 302 cuI, may use it after all.

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  [Entry #121]

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