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09-26-2014 11:38 PM HP calculator
Got looking at my time slips, 3 of 5 runs were 92 mph.
The car + me, 3300 lbs =202 HP to the street.
Thats amazing for a first hot rod engine build.
And at 93 mph another 10 hp.
At 95 226 HP. small block ford/autolite carb./ 252/257 cam.
crossing the line at 4,000rpm.
Wonder what the 303 cam and high rise manifold + lower gear, will do.
Have to wait till next year.

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  [Entry #176]

09-26-2014 06:52 PM first step
trany's down, some chore
If I ever pull the engine I'm building a new trany tunnel.
Ordered new headers that dump down at #3 & #7.
Had to pull the headers to get the engine and trany tilted down.
Will run exhaust below the frame cross member.

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  [Entry #175]

09-24-2014 03:56 PM standing room only
Got the bench out, tested bucket, it's got an air pump for the lumbar air bag.
Should help the ol back out.
Drive line, trany brace & lines out, fun starts tomorrow.
Looks like the worst part is unbolting the bell housing.
Don't think I'd want to work in a trany shop, even with a lift.
Email from champion radiators W/ tracking number.
Pre season hockey time

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  [Entry #174]

09-24-2014 11:58 AM Trouble with the radiator guy
The end of last december I bought an aluminum Champion radiator from Kool Radiators,
off flea bay. Good thing I had that record, because he had no record.
Last night I was ready to blow the guy up on some forums, and pay pal.
Just got an email he's shipping a replacement today.
We'll see.
When I got it the box wasn't beat up, but it had some fin damage and one side bracket was
bent up. This aint a show car, just take a minute to straighten it out. Set it aside.
That was a mistake, should have inspected more thoroughly.
This spring I looked it over to mount it. There were welds on the brackets that were
never cleaned, looked like after thoughts. Dead center on the front was a spot where
some one had pushed the fins out to make a repair, thats what it looks like.
At that point I was still going to use it, but I called and asked if it was OK to have it pressure tested.
He wanted pictures, and got them. Gave me an add. ,and I shipped it back-june 17th he got it.
Never heard another word. He doesn't return phone messages. And no refunds.
Up till 2:30 am last night looking through 19,834 emails/ ebay history/UPS history
to compile a folder on this BS.
Since it was past 90 days ebay wont do anything. But I told him paypal could handle it,
so he moved-I think.

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  [Entry #173]

09-22-2014 10:43 AM two wheel spin
Got 4 runs on a test n tune and out first run in the gamblers race.
That new posi is the ticket. Spun the tires 3-4 times and took off.
Since I had my money in the race, didn't want to fool with tire pressures, thought I'd
only get 2 timing runs. Got 4 and all in the high 14's, would have been 5 runs,
in the first round it nosed over about 1,000ft. Fuel pressure is set too low.
And I cut a light on the guy.
And the day went down from there.
Been having starter engagement troubles. Thought it was the new $100 NAPA starter.
I'd had the original lincoln starter rebuilt, put it in saturday. I'd looked at that ring gear two or three times, looked fine/ at least the side I was looking at.
Go to leave the track and it just grinds. Not only is the gear shot, but the cables loose and catches the plastic shield on fire. Luckily theres a guy with a bottle of water, got to remember my fire extinguisher. Also got to get the jack back in the car. Back at home, start the car and starter gear is stuck. So I've got two bad starters, bad ring gear and the car was shifting early from 1st to second, and not enough fuel/possibly carb change. I would like to get the big cam back in too. And an 1/8 mile race in three weeks.

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  [Entry #172]

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