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06-26-2014 09:38 PM up on blocks again
I've spent the last 317 miles puzzled about this car idle, plug color, lifter noise.
Lifter noise went away with some royal purple motor oil.
Plugs were off from each other with no rhyme or reason.
Idle was all over the place. There was a small fuel leak coming from the carb.
carbon-tooter told me it was probably a vent in the booster clogged up.
It wasn't, every thing came down to the knuckle head that mocked this engine up.
Thought I could get it in without cutting/building a trany tunnel.
So the motor was low at the back. The way this carbs built there's a leveling trough
from front to rear fuel bowls. The rear bowl would over fill above the vent
to idle discharge. So fuel was syphoning/ dripping in one secondary, (on a split dual plane manifold) making that set of 4 cylinders idle rich and run rich. Thus the hit and miss plug color.
Luckily these autolite carbs have a lot of free info on them. FOMOCO service training course, Ford autolite, motor-craft service and a ford service training for passenger cars.
I spent the last couple days reading and messing with it.
What cured it was jacking the trany up another inch, now that idle passage vent stays above the rear fuel bowl level. Can't syphon.
Now the thing fires right off even when hot, idles smooth as butter. Make a few passes up and down the freeway tomorrow.
The cool thing about dual exhaust, you can hear every exhaust note, they're perfect on both sides.
I'm pretty sure the timing's good so I can set the carb with a vacuum gauge.
Even took some time and bled the front brakes, also got both head light rings on.
Don't think I'll weld them, like the look of stainless.
Funny how much you can get done in warm weather and no hockey.

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  [Entry #137]

06-24-2014 07:13 PM swap meet junk turns to gold
317 mi. as of today
got the timing settled down to where it starts and wants to idle.
Got some issues with carb. Went through the stuff i printed out,
but doing it can't be replaced. So I sat down with this stinky $10
boat anchor I bought at the swap meet, and used it as a learning tool.
It is simple to get the top off and see the inner workings.
I suspect a plugged passage in a booster.
Or rear float level, which
can be checked while running. Didn't want to remove carb .
All possible from FOMOCO.

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  [Entry #136]

06-23-2014 08:41 PM HAHAHA wiring
Guess I'm not done wiring, I put the park lights on and the tach quits.
And also the trany temp gauge says 350 degrees? It's never said anything before.

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  [Entry #135]

06-23-2014 04:43 PM TAC's working
Steering wheels straight, third times the charm.
replaced the 5-30 wt with 15-40, most of the valve train noise
is gone.
Still running a little rich.
Got the front carpet back in -such as it is.
259 miles and fresh synthetic oil, might be time for a short trip on the freeway.

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  [Entry #134]

06-18-2014 11:30 PM cardiac kid
this time last night, I was sure my motor done blowed up.
Put my scorpion roller rockers in yesterday. Set the lash and double checked them.
While the air filter was off the Autolite 4100, I noticed the tube that supplies the choke heater was wide open. So I capped it. Noticed the plugs just a bit rich, turned the idle screws in 1/4.
Fired up the motor with the cut open valve cover, these rockers get oil immediately.
The stamped steel roller tipped rockers weren't getting oil, I'd guess the holes
weren't lined up with the push rods.
Put another 30 mi. on. Sounded different, maybe louder. Idle more lumpy.
When I got back rechecked all the rocker lash, good to go, Idle still off.
It was idling and I'm about to fiddle with the timing again, when
bang poof. Sounded like a bolt came loose, then again and again. Shut it down.
I was certain I'd lost a new rocker, maybe a wrist pin keeper.
By this morning I was certain, because of the rhythm of the sounds it was one cylinder
one rocker or valve. Pull the rocker boxes off and every thing is fine, puddles of oil on the polly locks. Pull the plugs, check all push rods- fine. But the plugs were black and sooty.
So capping that tube made it run so rich, it couldn't burn all the fuel at idle.
Guess it was firing in the headers. Thats why the bigger bangs also.
Did another 40 or so today it seems fine. Got 197 on now. I'll check the valve lash in the morning,
put on another 30-40, then tear open the oil filter. See if there's any nuts and bolts in there.
If not, we'll head for the free way till a 500 mi oil change. Like to get 1000 on before getting on the 1/4 mile. Still shooting for Good Guys late July.
My passenger side race door/with a handle, will be here next tuesday, and hood goes on after oil change. Got a guy looking for a column shifter, get the lokar off the floor.
Got to start thinking about hot rod air-conditioning, my 3.55 gears, maybe tip up front end.
New plug wires showed up this PM.

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  [Entry #133]

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