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01-26-2015 05:52 PM Exhausted again
The last shopping Friday before Xmas, the car runs out of gas on the street.
Not too big a problem, there is 4 lanes of traffic, I got a gas can in back,
and the service station is only two drive ways from the car.
Last week in the burger drive up it did it again. This time I know it's got gas, so it's vapor locked.
The clear fuel filter is empty again.
I reworked the pipe from the collector back, got 1 1/2 inches in the clear now, seemed fine today on the test run.
Wanted to do that while waiting on jets, which showed up.
Tonight the secondary jets go in and some WOT is in store for tomorrow.

  [Entry #201]

01-18-2015 04:46 PM what a pair to draw to
For the first time, ever in a year and a half I've owned my car, Daves four door and mine are running
and in the same place at the same time.
Met him out at the Triple X, first time I'd been inside, that place it a museum.
Right behind me on the wall is a pic of Denis Gauge .

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  [Entry #200]

01-16-2015 11:56 PM tuning the piano
got the new dist dialed in at *33 total, could probably get a little more, but need to get the carb set up.
Up 4 jets and getting color to the plug. Ordered couple more and a mag lite to read the plugs with.
I've been hearing guys complain about Holley's for 30 years. Now I see why, I'm tuning it to the street. I'll have to go through it again when the track opens, and carry two sets of jets.
Which means, like the carbed Guzzi's W/Mikuni's, I'll have a hand full of left over jets that are nothing more than lumps of brass with holes in them.

  [Entry #199]

01-08-2015 08:07 PM it's all in the timing
Thats what she said.
Being new to all this, I'm learning about timing.
This new distributor wasn't quite what it was spect'ed, I suspect.
And the farther I go in hotroddom, the more supicious I get.
Got the total timing down to 38*, going for 2 maybe 4* more.
It came with 3 sets of "L" shaped tabs to limit timing, went to the shortest provided.
Have modified them, by adding material-- testing tomorrow.
If I get it figured out- may do a thread on Pertronix dist.

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  [Entry #198]

01-05-2015 08:47 PM Praise God and pass the amunition.
To celebrate I bought a sandwich and a 6 pack.
Temp up tp 45 yesterday, 50 something today, and the 5 minute rule.
Never heard of it,--- but just get out for one little thing! It was a new hard line to the carb.
So at dusk I got her up again, starts hot or cold-- it's an animal.
Guess old age and cold temps really don't mix.
Testing tomorrow!!!! The new distributor/carb/shifter/ ectra.

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