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12-14-2014 12:25 AM the beast is alive
this thing sure woke up
the 498 cam plus the high rise and a modern carb brought it to life.
One thing I noticed, when I turn off the radio
I can hear the gas gauge clicking toward empty.

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  [Entry #191]

12-13-2014 12:54 PM moth balls
not what your thinking
got the 351 in cosmolene and visqueen- hows the spelling so far?
Speaking of anti rusting agents, the engine compartment and the front 1/2
of the under carriage wont rust this winter.
It's all been well coated with 3 1/2 quarts trany fluid, when a hose blew off.
Lucky I was a block from the house.

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  [Entry #190]

12-08-2014 05:57 PM the ox cart
the 351's been out in the driveway for over a week
built a cart out of junk
when it gets back from sand blast and chrome I can move the engine and
work on the hot rod, who's fell ill.

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  [Entry #189]

11-24-2014 12:44 AM half way there
Rolled her out today, got 110 mi., 90 mi. till re-torque.
That carb's sweet, turn the key and she goes, even when hot.
Now there wasn't anything wrong with the 4100, But the vents are right on top the bowls
and they weep and collect dirt. Looks like the whole tops leaking. If I run it again I'll put in nipples and vent hoses. Those portholes on the float bowls are right on. And adjusting from out side
is easy. Never had a Holley style carb before, supposedly the power valve BS is fixed and you can
pull the top off in one piece. We'll see how the vacuum secondary s work out.
Forgot the shifter and new seat- ratchet shifters rule- buckets with
lumbar air bags rule.

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  [Entry #188]

11-20-2014 07:23 PM took the sled for a burger
So my buddy with the 87 vet took it out and warmed it up.
Finally agreed to a street race, and that got me off dead center.
Got the E303 cam back in, high rise manifold, new Summit/holey carb.
That carb is sweet, fired right up as soon as gas got there.
Turned the fast idle down a touch, had to lower both floats.
Fires right up hot or cold.
Got some timing marks now, 10* and 36, not sure what rpm yet.
Seems a couple wires got crossed up. The temp sender went from right next to the coil,
to back behind the carb. So no doubt I hooked the tac to the sender, and had no temp guage.
Got to lengthen the tac wire now, the one I cut to fit the new temp.
I'm leaving the kick down cable off till I get 200 mi and a retorque done.
The B&M shifter is the cats meow.
Got to grease the fan belt-it squeals like a girl.

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  [Entry #187]

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