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03-01-2014 04:48 PM Bending time
It took all day and about 6-7 bends but
the rear brake line is in. From pass. side door to
firewall at booster. Just need the check valve and hook up.
Luckily I bought another roll of tube, looking at my drawing
figured I might need it. It's got to be one shot, not couplings.
I didn't need it,with a little adjustment,
the first one fit. Not show quality, but better than what was in there.
But it looks close for the front ones, about 8-9 ft. left.
Saturday night- time for beer and hockey.
By the way, some great old cars in this moonshine movie.

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  [Entry #82]

02-28-2014 05:55 PM thought I had this brake kit under control
Thats what I get for thinking.
Thought I had every fitting and adapter I needed, but NO.
I go to bench bleed the master cylinder and discover
I need adapters for the 1/4 inch lines.
Took him a while but NAPA had them, also got a couple 30 amp relays.
Time to start piping brake lines I guess.
Hit up fleabay
ordered a head light/ wiring/ relay kit, already made up.
Got a bid in, on an under hood fuse panel for later rewiring project.

  [Entry #81]

02-27-2014 08:20 PM Sure glad I got three hands
Wasn't going to work on the car today
give my back a rest.
But I was standing out there looking at it,
one thing after another.
The wireing harness was pulled and fished through a new hole,
and the brake bracket mounted.
I've got a couple buddies who would have been glad to
drive across town in traffic to give me a hand.
But I made a third hand with some salvaged computer magnets.

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  [Entry #80]

02-26-2014 03:21 PM what a pain in the neck that was
Actually a little lower than that. Blew out my back
rolling the welder out to the car- last week. Had
to spot weld the patch / cutout for the valve cover.
Between curling matches and rain storms,
it took a week to plug the hole. All while waiting on the brake kit.
It showed up yester day and this morning I can walk about.
So I painted it, it'll be a couple days before I can pull
wrenches/ rewire,
up under the dash board.

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  [Entry #79]

02-12-2014 08:40 PM king pings in
weather manbrought some sun today.
Got the third arm pivot and both spindles back on.
Spindles were over sized, sanded down on lathe.
Just glued them with super glue to sand.
I removed and pressed bushes in third arm.
Machine shop honed the pivot pin bushes for
third arm.
Still waiting on brake kit, he says some time this week.
He said that last week.

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  [Entry #78]

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