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09-22-2014 10:43 AM two wheel spin
Got 4 runs on a test n tune and out first run in the gamblers race.
That new posi is the ticket. Spun the tires 3-4 times and took off.
Since I had my money in the race, didn't want to fool with tire pressures, thought I'd
only get 2 timing runs. Got 4 and all in the high 14's, would have been 5 runs,
in the first round it nosed over about 1,000ft. Fuel pressure is set too low.
And I cut a light on the guy.
And the day went down from there.
Been having starter engagement troubles. Thought it was the new $100 NAPA starter.
I'd had the original lincoln starter rebuilt, put it in saturday. I'd looked at that ring gear two or three times, looked fine/ at least the side I was looking at.
Go to leave the track and it just grinds. Not only is the gear shot, but the cables loose and catches the plastic shield on fire. Luckily theres a guy with a bottle of water, got to remember my fire extinguisher. Also got to get the jack back in the car. Back at home, start the car and starter gear is stuck. So I've got two bad starters, bad ring gear and the car was shifting early from 1st to second, and not enough fuel/possibly carb change. I would like to get the big cam back in too. And an 1/8 mile race in three weeks.

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  [Entry #172]

09-18-2014 10:27 PM nothing like cheap help
Although I put new leaf springs on, never liked the ride (soft), or the low in the back stance.
Thinking down the road, if I do get this thing to hook up, spring wrap causes tire hop.
4 link out of the question, traction bars maybe, put some spring helpers on.
It improved the ride-firmer and if the backs are stiff, hopefully the front wont wrap.
Not sure if I've got enough horse power to worry about it any way.
And my project for next week arrived. But reading the instructions- I probably got the wrong kit.
Surprise surprise.

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  [Entry #171]

09-18-2014 12:47 AM we it pay dirt
3.55 gears/posi made it come alive.
I pulled up to a stop light, in the left turn lane was a chevell.
Jacked up in the back w/ big tires. He was all over my car, giving me the thumbs up.
Racked his pipes, so I hit neutral and them new mufflers go.
He hit his clutch like he wanted to go.
So I jacked mine up against the foot brake.
He's a young kid with a shat eating grin, probably a 4 or 5 or 6 speed
and a big block. But he's jammed up in the left turn lane.
When the green hit I nailed it, she spun both tires about 4-5 feet
and hooked up. Woof, thats what I expected when I started this build.
It should launch harder than that at the track Sunday, I'm hoping to get under
2 second 60 ft. times. Pretty sure it will, and I can lower tire pressure if needed.
All the planning, reading, blood, sweat and tears but posi-traction and the right set of gears
woke it up. Now I'm thinking 4.56 are too low, haven't put that one together yet, see what happens this weekend.
Now I've got serious doubts about the 1.66 I got on that time slip.

  [Entry #170]

09-16-2014 09:34 PM more toys
pulled the 3.36 carrier out, pulled the posi
from that and put it in the 3.55, and back in car
tires on in am and test drive.
received 4.56 gears and posi, that should wake up my 60ft times.
Might be able to get that in before the track closes for winter.

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  [Entry #169]

09-15-2014 10:40 PM & 2
last two, plenty good enough

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  [Entry #168]

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