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07-10-2014 12:37 AM First time
Yep first time to the strip with a cage.
And I won the first race, even with a .3something light.
But thats the only thing to brag about. That was the only run over 80MPH,
barely at that.
Got to make the kick down cable bracket. I hit third gear before 60 foot.
What a drag running the rest in 3rd, and way under the rpm.
Got to get a handle on launching this boat, first light was dog do-
second was a day early- third was .070. On the bike I used to hit .020's easy.
Tried to foot brake it, blew the tire off.
Did run across some guys I haven't seen in a while.
Got some footage, nothing exciting, but my computer's disc is full--
no more movies.
No that's not me.

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  [Entry #141]

07-04-2014 09:16 PM A grounded 4th
Spent the morning running ground wires
about out of black wire around here.
What ever I did , the fuel gauge didn't like it and blew a fuse.
Did some hot laps, hit the freeway for the mile markers.
Seems I'm 13 percent off on the speedo, when I hit 99mph
it was only 86 or so. I do believe this car could run over 80 in the quarter.
And thats with 4-11 gears.
Nothing fell off, happy 4th.

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  [Entry #140]

07-03-2014 08:07 PM BROKE IT?
Got the new tires, went from 26 inch to 28.8 inch.
Made a good bit if difference, down to 2400 rpm at freeway speed.
I can live with that for now. But what'd I do ?
The day after I bought this thing I was out rolling around.
Got stopped on a steep hill at a red light. Gave it the gas like I
do in my truck, and it wouldn't go anywhere. Making a funny noise,
thought I blew the trany. Looked in the mirror and there was a huge cloud of tire smoke.
So today I got stopped in the same spot, hit the gas on green, it lurched
and a bunch of weird noises. Running like crud. Got over the steep to the flat and
it sounds like an old International on 5 cylinders.
I don't hear rods knocking or valves bouncing around, and no blue
smoke from the back.
I nurse it home, rolling through stop signs, cause it doesn't sound like it wants to idle.
I get it stopped and back into the driveway, in case I've got to pull the motor.
When I get out to open the gate I can hear what happened. It's blooping----
has to be exhaust. Yep the pipe broke loose from the header. Lost a nut off a bolt.
That settles one thing, I was going to weld up some dumps, but this motor needs
those pipes.
Now I've got two shinny rims in the rear, guess I'll have to wash the whole thing now.

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  [Entry #139]

07-02-2014 07:44 PM Grounded
Spent all morning working on this wiring mess.
Seems these fancy gauges need a ground point all their own.
Fussy little things.
Eliminated the shift light, grounded the tac and trany temp gauge separate.
Temp gauge still acts up some, tonight put it on it's own power source with inline fuse.
The trany runs between 180 - 200* depending on what I'm doing, drops fairly quick.
Going after taller tires tomorrow, tac runs 2800 at 60mph
somewhere around 3 grand at 70 ish.
With those 4-11 gears my speedo is whack-o.
But at 3000rpm plenty of poop left.
Every thing seems to be settling down, hopefully get to the drag strip next wednesday for
tech. inspection.
Glad I got a portable steering wheel.

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  [Entry #138]

06-26-2014 09:38 PM up on blocks again
I've spent the last 317 miles puzzled about this car idle, plug color, lifter noise.
Lifter noise went away with some royal purple motor oil.
Plugs were off from each other with no rhyme or reason.
Idle was all over the place. There was a small fuel leak coming from the carb.
carbon-tooter told me it was probably a vent in the booster clogged up.
It wasn't, every thing came down to the knuckle head that mocked this engine up.
Thought I could get it in without cutting/building a trany tunnel.
So the motor was low at the back. The way this carbs built there's a leveling trough
from front to rear fuel bowls. The rear bowl would over fill above the vent
to idle discharge. So fuel was syphoning/ dripping in one secondary, (on a split dual plane manifold) making that set of 4 cylinders idle rich and run rich. Thus the hit and miss plug color.
Luckily these autolite carbs have a lot of free info on them. FOMOCO service training course, Ford autolite, motor-craft service and a ford service training for passenger cars.
I spent the last couple days reading and messing with it.
What cured it was jacking the trany up another inch, now that idle passage vent stays above the rear fuel bowl level. Can't syphon.
Now the thing fires right off even when hot, idles smooth as butter. Make a few passes up and down the freeway tomorrow.
The cool thing about dual exhaust, you can hear every exhaust note, they're perfect on both sides.
I'm pretty sure the timing's good so I can set the carb with a vacuum gauge.
Even took some time and bled the front brakes, also got both head light rings on.
Don't think I'll weld them, like the look of stainless.
Funny how much you can get done in warm weather and no hockey.

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  [Entry #137]

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