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09-15-2014 10:40 PM & 2
last two, plenty good enough

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  [Entry #168]

09-15-2014 10:39 PM pics
two more

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  [Entry #167]

09-15-2014 10:38 PM whats been going on
Friday Took a trip over the pass, lost no coolant going over.
1 1/2 qt. low on the way back. Can't find the leak yet.
It didn't mix with the clear water in catch jug.
Sat got a stainless clamp on an exhaust joint that was loose.
Finally cleared up that rattle.
Got up early sun, headed for drag strip.
No one there, a guy on a street sweeper said they raced sat.
I called, sunday was cancelled, must not be getting big enough turn out.
So I took that time to cut out chery bombs and clamp in Thrush turbos.
Sound great, but can tell the back pressure. I'll put the cherry bombs on
for next sunday.
Car up on blocks today, going to put the posi on the 3.55 gears
3.36 too tall.
Did some reading and experimenting on upholstery cleaning.
The bench seat I put in is killing my back, got some buckets.
But some mug with greasy hands threw dirty parts in the wreck.
What I found to work, blast of brake cleaner, vacuum, blast of
resolve, steamer then vacuum.
Rear gears tomorrow when it's cooler.

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  [Entry #166]

09-09-2014 11:06 PM must have hit the boiling point
car over heated a couple times, low on fluid.
The catch can I rigged up for the drags was full to over flowing.
My buddy talked me into a 15lbs rad cap. I went about one mile and blew a rad hose.
I always carry a jug or two of H2O, but another antifreeze mess to clean up.
Yesterday I went to the junk yard, got a reservoir bottle out of a 93 econoline.
I was admiring the seats and went back for two. $40. Need cleaning. Front and back passenger side,
not much wear.
This morning I mounted the jug and did a road test to get a smaller air cleaner.
When I got there, the car was trailing fluid, but not hot yet.
Seems I'm having trouble sealing the 1 1/2 hose to the 1 1/4 radiator.
Think I solved that with a chunk of rubber and RTV. At least it worked tonight
with the 7LB cap.
That front pass. seat has a motor for forward and back, also a manual lever.
I haven't taken it apart yet, but I'm thinking I may use that forward and back motion to jam the shift linkage in park. That might slow em down long enough to send rounds down range.
And when the rad hose let go I found an oily mess at my breather catch can. It's been a month and two trips to the strip/one trip over the pass. Time to drain and clean up.
Got two vents to got on the stock valve covers.

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  [Entry #165]

09-07-2014 09:24 PM Punkin pie on Saturday
The posi punkin is in
bout turned me into mincemeat.
The cars up on jack stands, i'm on my back.
No way can I lift that third member, boat anchor up, laying down.
I roll it on my arm, onto my chest, and shot putt it into the hole.
Except it gets stuck. The 3.55's went right in.
On the third try I gave up, seems this set of gears has to slip in
just so, the notches in the flange.
I'm covered in dirt,sweat,oil and grease. My arms are rubber.
I dig around in the shop and get the trany jack, like I should have.
Jack the car up high enough to clear jack and punkin.
And with fewer cuss words it's in.
I started at 11:30 am, plenty of time to set up the posi and install before the 4:30 nascar race starts.
You betcha, at 4:40 I'm backing down the driveway to get a test run and a burger.
Don't hear any howling or screaming from the back, maybe it'll work.

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  [Entry #164]

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