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07-17-2014 10:20 PM the governor
got the goods
stock weight weighed 11G
put in 7G
called TCI, he was hesitant to give an answer
when i asked how much to get another 1000 rpm.
Sounds like construction engineers typical answer
"it's a field problem."
Tomorrow test n tune.

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  [Entry #147]

07-16-2014 12:28 AM gauging a bump stick
We'll see
got a new stick with smaller knots on it
see if we can raise some compression on the bottom.
It wont go in till after the drag race. Going to
live with what I've got for now.
Did get a Stewart-Warner vacuum gauge to replace
the good name brand one I toasted.
That one did fine during break-in. But gave up the ghost on the hot laps,
on the freeway.
Back in the 60's, if a guy rolled into the parking lot with
Stewart- Warner gauges, you knew he was serious.
Well I own one now. Assembled in Mexico.
Doesn't say where the parts were built.
Hope it lasts a couple hot laps.
Didn't get the trany weights yet, tomorrow hopefully.
Back to cams, learned a lot about cams with this project, we're going to try 30*
less duration, see what comes of it.
When I was riding shovel heads, you'd rebuild with big bore/ stroke/ cam.
Never could tell which made the difference.
I drove a 302 for 10 years in a van, the cam was mush.
Found out it had Hi-Po 289 heads.
Did put on a 4 barrel, it sorta came to life.
Don't know what cam it had, but this change should tell a lot.
Might go back to stock for torque. My 60 foot sucks!

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  [Entry #146]

07-13-2014 10:05 AM wait?
No weight
49 chev 4 door styline
front #1740 rear #1480 curb #3220
performance weight (450) passenger
3705 pounds.

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  [Entry #145]

07-12-2014 08:59 PM brake vacuum canister
Wed, out in line at the track, this old guy tuned me up on boost assisted brakes.
I'd read about the canisters but he really explained it well.
Fri.I was at the trany shop, they were calling in parts, asked if they had one on hand.
By 1 o'clock I had my kit , by 2 it was installed and we were rolling.
When I see that old guy again, I'm going to shake his hand. He saved me $500
on disc brakes.

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  [Entry #144]

07-12-2014 02:40 AM You might teach an old dog a new trick
well good luck.
Add an old dog to a lokar shifter and you get pooh on your shoe.
Went out to friday test-n-tune, first two runs tried shifting this lokar POS.
1st to 2nd OK, 2nd right thru-3rd to neutral. They've been around a long time,
guess they're just not for me. Pretty though. Kind-a like my ex-wife.
Sooo, being an old guy, I let the trany do the work on the next two passes.
Cut 2 seconds off my worst time and one off my best, slipped into the 15's.
Not what I hoped for in the beginning, but it's a start.
The last run launched hard enough to flip my full ashtray upside down in the front seat.
Chirped 2nd gear, both the last two runs.
I got two more test-n-tunes before Good Guys.
I got about much chance as a fly fleeing a swarm of bald faced hornets,
to get out of the first round.
But the object of the bucket list is get there and do the best you can.
Tip a PBR to old dogs!

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  [Entry #143]

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