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05-22-2014 05:17 PM Cooling
Sort of, did a static 3 hour test on original rad.
Put it in, problem with the aluminum one,
this brass and copper one I can patch, have
patched others.
Reran fuel line in steel up to pump. Buddy says they (the tech guys)
don't like to see too much hose.
Got the trany cooling lines stuffed out front, guess I'm using the trany cooler.
Goose had lots of advice.

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  [Entry #122]

05-21-2014 07:06 PM Disaster-us news
Life is over as I know it, world might as well end today.
Was reading drag strip schedule about good guys friday night drags.
down at the bottom the tech. rules
and that was the first tech rule. Rats!
Since 2002 when i started racing motor cycles out there,
I've been watching those drags, wishing I had a car to run.
Everybody's got run those drags once in a life time.Like Sturgis, did it in 84
no reason to go back. But I've been thinking about this a while.
I'll have to talk to the tech inspectors, I'd put on two
handles to race- but not 4.
Got the original radiator sitting in a tank of hot lye to get the paint off.
It looks like a fresh rebuild to me.
Those big old sixes were 302 cuI, may use it after all.

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  [Entry #121]

05-20-2014 04:46 PM Can't cuss my head lights any more
It wont do any good, both buckets are french.
Picked up 3HP on the top end too.
How you say- twin chrome horns.
Finally got a fuel inlet fitting for the autolite carb
and a pressure regulator.

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  [Entry #120]

05-19-2014 05:50 PM welcome to the world of...
clutch head screws. If I were king of the world,
there would be one screww head- this one, in three head sizes.
When a kid reached 10 he'd get a set of three screw drivers and be set for life.
New one on me, thought
the head light buckets were square furniture screws.
Had to put my glasses on to see what I was looking at.
Sears has the bits online, waste of time trying to ask the kid in the store, on the phone.
He says "we've got automotive tool kits, I'm sure they'll be in there".
Right, I'll get my credit card and be right down.
A trip to swift machine tools, she came up with the sears add too.
The guy at napa had no idea, but one of the customers
pointed me to tool town.
Any way after all that I got one head light bucket frenched,
the rings should be here this week. Did have to make the holes bigger though.Think I'll hang the fenders and hook up the lights,
weld the rings later.

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  [Entry #119]

05-18-2014 08:55 PM Brake lights
Got the switch hooked up and adjusted,
even tested with battery.
Found extra wire hooked to rt. turn signal
and no place to put it. Oddly enough
rt turn sigal doesn't work. Back to the drawing board.
Brakes & lft. signal work didn't even blow any fuses.
Chicago won at home, while I was waiting in line at the dump.
Got to go during the week.

  [Entry #118]

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