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03-05-2015 12:52 PM The Franzinator
It's been a while since I've added to the journal. Matt and I have continued work on the TR3 or stayed at home because it's too damn cold in the shop.

I've written before about the Franzinator and linked to assembly instructions. Essentially it's an air/moisture separator using temperature differential, pressure differential and change to direction to condense moisture from compressed air. The device is installed between the tank and the reservoir.

The shop had been plumbed for air and the previous tenants left an Ingersoll-Rand compressor. The pump itself is not-economically-repairable junk according to I-R and I had a smaller Campbell-Hausfelt compressor, so I decided to use the C-H until I can afford a replacement compressor for the I-R.

The shop is also plumbed for air, but it's done all wrong; there's a science to it after all. But . . . it will do for now.

Anyway. we got the compressor hooked up and built the Franzinator. Here are the pictures:

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02-24-2015 03:43 PM Brrr.
Cold weather, lack of a trailer and lack of funds has hindered progress.

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02-09-2015 08:03 AM TR3 Restoration
The quote from Chem-Strip was $1,500 for the body tub and front apron. Fenders and doors run about $100 each, but they are simple panels, so I'll strip them myself.

We fabbed an inner brace and are preparing to trailer the body to Burlington, NC, about 4 hours away. In the meantime, we'll get to work prepping the remaining panels.

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02-03-2015 06:58 AM TR3 Restoration

Here's an example of the quality of the repairs that a professional body shop did.

This is the tab that secures the door check strap to the body. It is frequently broken since it's just stamped sheet metal.

While there may be a replacement part available, I'm going to fabricate something OEM-looking, but more durable.

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02-03-2015 05:34 AM TR3 Restoration

Today, Matt and I got the body separated from the frame and mounted it on the body cart. While we had the body up on the lift, we took the opportunity to easily scrape off huge sheets and several pounds of painted-over undercoating.

All ready to start work. We needed to remove the transmission cover and the battery box as well as many bolts and fasteners that were not removed by the body man who worked on the car before he slathered on all that body filler and sprayed all that red paint .

For some unexplained reason, the transmission cover, which is supposed to unbolt and be removable, was welded to the floor pan. Why would anybody want to do that? A grinder and a cutoff wheel made short work of removal. There's a lot of work to make it go back in place properly, though

The battery box came out surprisingly easy. If the bottom of that old box looks a little lopsided, that's because the bottom had rusted out and somebody just bent up a piece of sheet metal (note the rounded left and right bottom edges) and welded it in (lop-sided, no less), slapped some body filler on it and called it a day. The entire replacement box assembly costs $80, so there was really no excuse to do such a poor repair. We will fix it correctly.

I made a follow-up call to Carolina Chem-Strip who said they did not receive my previous request for a quote. Oh well. . . . I gave them the info and they promise to get right back to me. The body tub is just so nasty with paint, body filler, rust and undercoating that dipping just makes good sense.

I have to say, all that work in constructing the shop makes this job much easier. All the tools are organized, there's plenty of space for dis-assembly and storage of parts and the shop is well lit and comfortable to work in. It sure beats all those days working in an overcrowded two-car garage sharing space with old furniture and lawn tools. At least here, the old furniture and lawn tools have a remote space of their own.

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