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12-20-2014 10:15 AM The '54 Desoto Solenoid ARRIVED!
The local starter repair shop sent the solenoid to Obsolete Parts in Cincinnati, OH last August. It seems that fellow sent it to a re-builder who subsequently went out of business. Through some effort, the starter solenoid was recovered - along with the parts necessary to rebuild it. All that was shipped to the local guy, who rebuilt it upon arrival. I'm on my way now to pick it up.

Any advice on repairing the rubber boot? Apparently, it is not available.

  [Entry #49]

12-10-2014 05:18 PM Attempt #2 -- Success
If you recall, I measured the TV cable incorrectly which resulted in a 1-3/4 inch error, so I fabricated the first bracket incorrectly. Very incorrectly.

It was the same measuring process after that.

Wow, that's a big difference.

Starting over with a new bracket.

The mounting flange just had to be moved back a little from stock, but needed to be lowered 1/2-inch.

Once installed, adjustment was easy and the transmission shifts nicely now.

No one knows I screwed up . . . oh, wait . . .

  [Entry #48]

12-04-2014 10:21 AM Always Something To Learn
When I finally got the TV bracket modified and installed, something didn't look right.

Obviously, there's too much slack at the end of the cable, so I've made a mistake somewhere.

On reviewing the diagram that describes the dimensions, I realized that I measured the cable pulled out just long enough to take up any slack, not -fully extended-. So the correct measurement is 5-5/16 inches versus 4-1/8 inches.

Rather than re-cut and re-weld the already modified bracket, I just ordered another one from Jegs. It should be here in a few days.

For some good news, the motor starts and runs great! It had been difficult to get the motor to idle down, gas mileage was abysmal and no amount of adjustment would improve it. That seems sorted now.

Other than the new bracket, all that remains is to re-fill the radiator and set the timing and the motor will be done for now.

There are a few small things to do.

The window weatherstrip along the convertible top frame needs some adjustment. As of now, it can grab the top edge of the windows glass and crack it when the door is opened. Ask me how I know.

I need to fabricate a glove box. The old cardboard is beyond salvaging. I plan on making one from sheet metal to provide some secure place to lock small valuables since this is a convertible. I need to fabricate one for the '37 Plymouth as well.

While the headlight bezels might look OK, they are actually two driver-side bezels. Passenger-side bezels seem to be scarce as hen's teeth, but I just purchased one on eBay that is in good enough shape to be re-chromed.

The headlight reflectors need to be re-silvered. The headlights are really not good enough for night-time driving above 25 MPH.

Lastly, I have been using a temporary console and need to fabricate something more appropriate and change the A/C controls over to the knob-based version because they will compliment the interior more pleasingly.

All that can easily be accomplished over the winter so the car can be ready to travel when the weather favors a rag-top.

Next winter, perhaps a stronger rear diff, some frame stiffening and an update for those billet rims.

  [Entry #47]

12-03-2014 12:56 PM Modified 700-R4 TV and Throttle Bracket for an Edelbrock Carb - Part 2
I've made some progress today on the TV bracket.

Since my helper is out sick, it was necessary to do this on my own, so I wired the carb at WOT so I could measure the length of the spacer.

Using a piece of paint stick, I was able to make a pattern for the spacer after several attempts and cut a piece pf steel to match.

Using the measuring stick from part one. I located the flange where it needed to be.

All cleaned up, it's time to move the throttle bracket back 2-3/8 inches.

  [Entry #46]

12-01-2014 01:59 PM Modified 700-R4 TV and Throttle Bracket for an Edelbrock Carb
As I mentioned before, the mounting bracket for the 700-R4 TV cable is all wrong. The TV cable is not a kickdown cable like the Turbo350 transmission, but is used to regulate the valve body pressure to accurately match shift points to engine rpm. An improperly set cable will result in the quick death of a 700-R4. Using a computer-controlled 4L60E eliminates this mechanical connection to the carburetor, but requires a stand-alone computer and some engine sensors to operate. Quite a lot has been written about the 700-R4 and I'll try to put all that knowledge to good use.

This is the unmodified original bracket. It's a JEGS Performance Products #157313 Throttle 700-R4 Cable Bracket.

The first step is to modify the bracket to fit the outer carb studs on the manifold which are used instead of the inner studs that the bracket is intended for. Doing this will make the TV geometry of the bracket even worse.

The next step is to separate the bracket so the mounting flange can be re-positioned to give the correct geometry.

Once that was done I had to calculate and measure the correct distance of the mounting flange from the TV stud on the carb as well as hold it there so I could measure the spacer I needed which would put it all back together correctly. I decided to make a fixture to help me since measuring in the X, Y and Z axis at the same time is challenging.

Using a paint stirring stick, I drilled a 5/16-inch hole that would fit snugly over the TV stud on the carb and remain centered on the stud. I then measured the TV cable length and marked the stick, then added .190 inches as per the directions. Subtracting from that the thickness of the bracket itself, I now had a measurement to correctly locate the face of the flange relative to the carb stud (which must be held at WOT to correctly locate the flange). Cutting the paint stick on that line created that part of the fixture.

Once the glue dries, I'll hold the fixture in place at WOT and Matt can measure both the length and angle of the spacer and I can weld it up.

At this point, I suspect that the bracket for the throttle may be too close, so I might have to cut and move that next.

  [Entry #45]

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