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09-14-2012 10:46 PM Tear down begins
I have the truck in my garage and have begun the task of tearing things apart and assessing what I'll need to replace in the way of sheet metal. The 1954 Chevy I picked up for a whole $350 is actually in better shape that I had originally figured. I will need cab corners and other patch panels but overall most of the rust is surface and will be more than workable. I also am impressed that all the original glass is still intact. Often these older vehicles are riddled with bullet holes but I have only found 1 just above the rear window.

Thus far I have removed the headlights, grill,and most of the interior parts including the seat frame and the gas tank. I have put these items up for sale locally as I plan to do a rear frame mount tank and use more modern seating.

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09-02-2012 10:43 PM Return to the world of the living
After a very long time away I have returned to the site. My ambitious endeavor from 8 years ago never did come to fruition as time money and more importantly family responsibilities kept me from getting things done. In the end I had to put everything on hold and unfortunately passed the car on to someone else to work on.

That's all water under the bridge now and I'm gearing up to start on a new project now that I have the time and some money to play at something I want to do.

I'll post some pics soon of the 1954 Chevy 3100 pickup I recently acquired and will be bringing home this Tuesday. I have 2 boys who are really excited to learn and help on this project. I am just as excited as well to have something constructive to do with them.

I'll look forward to hearing from other site members for advice and tips on how to proceed when I hit those roadblocks and mindfart moments.

As a starter I wouldn't mind hearing opinions on the S10 (reg cab extended wheelbase) swap for the original frame idea... I'm all all ears.

Good to be back and it looks like people have been doing some fantastic work on their projects.


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05-24-2005 12:16 PM Stripped down to frame.
With the warm weather here I finally made it back into my garage to do a little more on the beast. Removed the body from the frame, removed the rear suspension components, and made a template for the floor of the body. Had 2 of my boys helping me this time and they are just too excited about the car. They want it finished for next summer...don't I wish.

The frame is in fairly good shape but there are a few spots where rust has eaten away the metal in key spots such as the side rails in the engine placement area. This will either get repaired and a MII IFS will be installed or I will graft a camaro/nova subframe in it's place.

I'm hoping to sandblast the frame soon (when time permits) and want to build some type of enclosure to surround the frame first. My wife gets a little unglued when I make a mess so I'll try keep the peace and I'll live to finish the car...hopefully.

Will post more as soon as thing progress

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08-21-2004 11:10 PM Kids gain an interest.
Not much to report other than I have removed a few more items from the car. I also have started to measure and line up the body so I can weld a support frame/ cage inside for separating the body from the chassis. I'm still waiting on my welder to arrive so I can get to the task at hand but now that the weekend is here, the welder won't be here till next week...kinda disappointing but nothing I can do about it.

On a lighter note, my two youngest children wanted to help me out tonight so I put them to work cleaning the 4 doors of cobwebs and debris. Not a fun task but they did the doors without complaining then took a well deserved break from all that hard work =).
My little guy is 5 and he is absolutely car crazy...he looks at my magazines with me, watches the car shows with me on the Speed channel and hangs with me as much as he can when I'm in the garage. This kid is gonna be a car nut for sure when he grows complaints here.
My youngest daughter is 8 and thought only the boys would be allowed to work on the car...hehe I straightened her out quickly on that misconception. I told her that there are many women on the website here that not only drive nice vehicles, but they also build them. She was pleased and more than happy to join in the fun.
And the big kid in the third pic is me of course.

Thats all for now, will post more as thing progress

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08-16-2004 11:25 PM Finally getting started!!
Starting on the rod was put on hold for a while due to the wife wanting the basement remodeled. So after a couple months of work off and on, I have construction finished and am waiting for the taping and mudding to dry...I did the building, she can do the painting ( like I'll have a say on the color anyways).

I began the deconstruction of the Olds today and removed the front doors, some tattered pieces of interior that remained, and some inside trim pieces that may make it onto E-bay since I want to make big changes to the car.

Being this is my first project and I have limited skills, abilities and funds, I plan to eliminate the roof from the car and as a result the windows and the associated parts (trim, mechanisms, seals, gaskets, and glass) will be eliminated. I want to have an open top 4 door roadster with a one-piece removable soft top (aluminum frame).

I plan to remove wood structural elements and replace them with square steel tubing, channel the car 4 inches for a nicer stance, and slant the Windshield pillars back 20 degrees or so.

I already have a 350 engine and tranny from my 71 Z28 (car long gone to the boneyard). I plan on rebuilding the motor and maybe tweeking it just a bit for a few more horses.

My plans for this car are kinda extreme but I have a five year plan in mind. This should give me time to learn, experiment, and hopefully get it the way I want.

The biggest bonus of all in this project is the time I'm gonna spend with my boys. I hope they can learn along with me and develop a sense of appreciation for the fruits of hard labor and a passion for cars and trucks.

here's hoping for the future...

Included are a couple of pics of the car...much cleaner than when I first dragged it into the garage.

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