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01-12-2005 06:39 PM finally reeled it in
O.K. so I built a winch for the express purpose of winching in the Mustang since I need the shop for other pursuits like keeping the daily drivers on the road too. I think that the most disheartening thing about restoring cars is the unknown. You expect things to be the way they should be, then you start poking around the undercarriage with a screw driver and make a bunch of new drain holes.

So I need completely new floor pans. They're ordered an should be here tomorrow. I hope that the sub frame members are in good shape and I won't have to order a new set of those.

My brother and I hoisted one corner of the car until the entire side came off the ground. I then added weight to the front until the car stood on one tire and the jack. This is a good sign, the car is structurally sound, I hope.

Once we got the interior out, we saw a lot of butchery. The car must have been in an accident or two and the fact that it's a rustang doesn't help either. There were a lot of patches in the floor pans and wheel wells. The outer skins are in excellent shape, but whoever did the body work didn't entirely remove the old skins before welding in new ones.

General conclusion is that this car is not worth a concours restoration. This is more of a weld in new panels where things are bad, Tidy up the interior, align the panels better, and replace the non 73 mustang body parts. This will be better than a mop and glow job, but not a complete restoration. The engine will be getting a treatment. They'll be between 410 and 450 ponies driving the flywheel for the flyfisher. I would like to have it on the road by spring or summer.

I've attached a couple of pics.
1. bringing it into the garage
2. the rotten interior
3. who was living in my collector?

(click photo to enlarge)

(click photo to enlarge)

(click photo to enlarge)
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07-21-2004 02:10 PM 1973 Mustang coupe
So the big idea is to restore a 1973 Mustang coupe with a 351-c 4V, close ratio 4 speed manual, and 4.11 locker for a drive train. These are all stock parts (except the 4.11) and I have them with the car. I figure this has to be some sort of special car because I haven't heard of any of them with this drive line combination. The Mach 1's had this combo, but not too many coupes or so I've been told by a couple of Mustang fanatics. I have no written proof though and it would be nice to find out how many are in existance.

I'm having a very difficult time deciding weather to do a concours restoration or a hot rod restoration. I want to do a hot rod resto because I want a car with over 400 HP, and I don't like the blue interior or white exterior with that the car came with originally. Of course, if this is a special car it may be worth more with a concours resto. I will keep this in mind and not butcher what's already there.

The other dillema is the hood. I want to put in the shaker that the mach 1's had. If I do that I can't supercharge or turbo it because it would render the shaker a decoration. I'm still building the engine with the intention of forced induction (forged pistons, I or H beams, etc.) so I can cross that bridge when I get beat by a rice burner.

I hope to be rolling next year this time.

So here's some pics of the car the day after I took it to the shop. It's on my brothers trailer about to go into storage. I think the sheet metal is pretty good. The mil gage didn't read too much bondo. Actually it only read it on the driver side fender under the hood. The interior is all junk except the dash, gages, and plastic. That's still not too bad.

(click photo to enlarge)

(click photo to enlarge)

(click photo to enlarge)
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