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04-30-2007 04:56 PM 18: It runs

We started it for the first time last night. We only ran it breifly as neither the coolant or trans lines are hooked up yet. It still needs a fair amount of work done before it's really drivable, but it's good to know that it runs.

The plan is still to drive this car to Tulsa. I'd better be sure my AAA is paid up before I go!


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03-12-2007 11:30 AM 17: It's been too long
Still plugging away at assembling my car. It's been hard. The wife and I are going separate ways, which makes things difficult enough as one can imagine. The original purpose of this car was to have it as a family car, which, now, that is compromised. Still, I must get this car done enough to drive to Tulsa in June for the Tulsarama event to see the time capsule opened.

Last night the car was trailored to my friend's shop where he will help out with a few things. I need to have some welding/ fabrication done and I wantto have the transmission checked. After hearing horror stories from the placeI bought it, I want to have it checked out first. It'll be easier now with no exhaust to interfere, and the fluids have not been added yet.

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07-20-2006 11:28 AM 16: rear disc brake install
I ordered a rear disc brake kit from AAJ brakes for my car. Yes, someone makes one! And so far so good. I had to take the axles to a shop to have them press the hubs off and replace the bearings. They told me it took 18 tons of pressure to do this. Apparantly, they were stuck. I replaced the bearings, seals, etc and the kit included new hardware for this. Awesome.

I still have a little left to do. I need to have tabs welded on my axle housing for the brake lines, and I need to fix my passenger side hub to accept studs. These cars originally came with bolts, and during its life someone partly converted it. I need to finish the job to have it consistent and have the same size lugnuts on it. Following the completion of this I'll replace the brake lines and order an emergency brake cable kit. Then, I'll be all set.

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07-17-2006 03:29 PM 15: dash installed
Another quick update. I have the dash installed and am starting the wiring. The LS1 computer fit nicely under the dash, though I was originally intending to mount it in the engine bay. Painless set their harness up for an in-dash installation, so there it goes. so far so good for the painless wiring.

I had recently upgraded my 1984 Trans Am with a 2002 LS1, so tackling that project makes this one much easier to do with confidence. I was even confident enough to remove the smog wiring from the harness for the Belvedere. (eliminates dangling unused wires for a cleaner install)

The problem I face now is my brake booster interferes with the coils on the LS1. I've ordered a set of Katech coil relocation kit/ valve covers. Hopefully this will solve the problem. If not, then I have some fabricating to do...

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06-25-2006 11:33 PM part 14: quick update
Hi Everyone:

It's been a while so I thought I would post a quick update on my Belvedere progress. I have the lights, etc installed in front and the rear bumper on, too. I have ordered a rear disc brake kit and a few other goodies for the car. soon I'll install the dash, the cluster, steering column/ wheel and get going on the wiring. I want to see if I can modify my retrotek electric shifter to work with the original push buttons. (Maybe locate the retrotek console behind the old plymouth ones and modify to make them work? It sounds great in my head as I type..) Anyways, enjoy.

ps. I'm not triskadecaphobic, it just worked out that way...

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