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12-10-2006 01:49 PM MII IFS install. . .
OR, i learned more than i ever thought i was going to need about suspension geometry in my life!

OK... no offence to the folks at Fatman Fab... they make a pretty decent kit, BUT!

the recipe book they send is less than informative. pretty much, "here is your kit, put it on your car"

anyhow, about all i can really say about installing a IFS crossmember and spring hats on a car, is MEASURE, MEASURE AND MEASURE SOME MORE!

get a REAL good mark on your frame of the original axle centerline... trust me, you dont want to be guessing about where it was later.

for now, enough... my fingers are gettin sore, and i need a break... promise it wont be another year before i update

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  [Entry #74]

12-10-2006 01:44 PM out with the old. . . AGAIN!
this truck was going to be way cool... but it had a nosebleed stance that would make most pilots get vertigo!

i knew i wanted to have something that was not only fast, but handled well so i called up Fatman Fabrication, and a couple of days and a couple of thousand bucks later, i had a very pissed off UPS man in my driveway

eh, he dont get it, so what...

finished cleaning the stock parallel leaf front end off, and got the rails ground down nice an smooth as was needed at the time. unpacked the IFS kit and did some measureing to see just how low i was going to get with stock MII spindles... did i need to get the 2" dropped?

one quick mockup for ride height later and i had my ansewer HELL NO! nice n low, with not too bad of a scrub line to meet

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  [Entry #73]

12-10-2006 01:40 PM if it dont look like a hot rod, part 2
more pics of teardown time... yes, i picked the cab off the chassis with a cherry picker and a 2x4.

(click photo to enlarge)

(click photo to enlarge)

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  [Entry #72]

12-10-2006 01:38 PM if it dont look like a hot rod. . .

tore the thing completely apart. burned or ground off just about everything on the front of the suspension, and pulled the cab off the chassis about a month after i got it. makes it, late february, early march... the last year has been a blur, so i cant remember all the dates.

i WAS going to go with a 223 inline from out of the 54, but i decided... NAH, MUCH too small!

now all i needed was a BIG F'in mill to dump in there... and along comes Byooick!

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  [Entry #71]

12-10-2006 01:34 PM !?!?!?! where the *$#@ have i been?!?!?!
wow, been a while, and i figure now that its cold outside and i need to get things organized, might as well start here!

anyhow, lil less than a year ago, i bought a 52 willys overland pickup from a friend in Iowa. he hauled it up here to the (more than Iowa) frozen north of Minnesota february 5th of this year, and i went completely insane with getting this truck running and driving before an event some of you may be familiar with . . . the '06 HAMB Drags in Joplin MO.

wow, what a task i had ahead of me, seein as how i had never done a complete teardown and scratch built car.... but in true rodder fashion, i said "why not? i aint never NOT done it before, and no one says i cant now!"

here are a couple pix of when i got it here... follow along as i go over in pix and text with this build!


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  [Entry #70]

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