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12-06-2004 05:32 AM plans

So the plan is simple. Jam the motor as far back into the car as possible, throught the firewall. I have a SBC truck 350, with 4 bolt mains for motivation. Behind it will be a Powerglide with a 2400 stall. The motor is going to get a warming over, but nothing to fancy. It is presently torn down on the stand. Out back, I have a narrowed Ford 8.8 with a set of 9" Strange axles in it.(yep, it's a hybrid) I'm planning on taking the plunge and building my own 4-link set up for the rear suspension. The front will stay for the most part stock. As far as I can figure, the old cast iron 4-cyl and trans souldn't weigh too much less then a SBC/PG, so I'm not too worried here. I have a set of Wilwood 4 piston calipers to thow on the front. Sound like lofty plans? I built the black Mustang in about 2 months, outside in a parking lot during the Colorado winter. Can I pull this off? I hope so. I have a a huge heated shop to work in now, and about twice as many shop toys. It will be a litlle bit before I get the pix caught up as the build is already started. The car is down to the frame, the body is sitting next to it. I have another core motor bolted to the trans sitting where it will be in the chassis, and the rearend sitting at the 90" mark. I just finished gutting the doors and fill the window cannels tonight. Tommorrow or Tuesday, I'm going to start modifying the frame. Here it the budget to date:

'74 Spitfire, $305.00
SBC, complete 79.00
Powerglide, wt converter 150.00
Weiand intake 20.00
2 sets of used headers 10.00
Rear end, modified 100.00
Coilovers 10.00
Used seatbelt 1 year left 10.00
Hiem joints 8@ .50 ea 4.00
(you gotta like sprint car
swap meets!)
Wilwood calipers with shoes 10.00
Fuel cell free
Pump 15.00
Wilwood mcyl x2 2.00
Ralley car seats x2 free
Hoosier drag slicks (used) 75.00
BFG G-Force auto-x tires free
(these tire are about
Mustang phone dials 20.00
15x10" wheels for the rear 15.00
14x10" steel wheels free
(ugly & rusty)
B&M shifter, off ebay 61.00

TOTAL so far 894.00

I still have a bunch of stuff to get and I'm sure it will add up quickly. I'm one cheapskate, so I'm sure I can pull it off. I'm planning on updating this journal every other day or so, so stay tuned. More pix of "what is he thinking?"

(click photo to enlarge)

(click photo to enlarge)

(click photo to enlarge)
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12-06-2004 03:28 AM the challenge
So, h'ok, this is what this whole thing is all about. You may wonder why a guy would go posting pix of a crappy British Racing Brown Spitfire on a hotrodder's site. It's simple, I'm planning on doing the most unthinkable thing to this hunk of rust(at least to a purist), cram a fire snorting V-8 into it. But there is a catch, I can only spend $2005.00 on the entire project. I'm entering it in the Grassroots Motorsports $2005 Challenge in March of '05. The car needs to be capable both at the strip and on the auto-x course. It also needs to be as pretty as I can make it, because it will be judged on a concourse. I've campaigned 2 Mustangs over the last 4 years and decided it was time for a change. Not that I dislike Mustangs, I wanted to do something different. The black car in the following pictures is my current car. I ran it unsorted 2 years ago and took an 8th overall. Last year a lunched the trans on the 1st pass at the drags. Still took top 10 in the auto-x tho.

(click photo to enlarge)

(click photo to enlarge)

(click photo to enlarge)
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12-06-2004 03:09 AM in the begining, there was rust!
In the begining there was rust, and lots of it to boot! My latest project was an, ehum, ebay score. I knew the car was a bit of a pile, but not as bad as it actually was. Maybe I'm just "special" as Mom said when I got on the short bus to school, or just flat out nuts. I decided to see what I could do with this fine, fine auto. You gotta like the materials used to "patch" this car up. The seller forgot to mention this in the auction. Too bad I had to send one of my eVil goons to pick it up, otherwise I would of gotten my money back.

(click photo to enlarge)

(click photo to enlarge)

(click photo to enlarge)
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