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10-05-2015 06:26 PM Another one bites the dust
We decided to take the rest of the tree out and I dropped it on the ground today. There wasn't much left of the tree anyway and it would be years before the tree would have enough suckers to offer any shade. . I still need to level out the stump and next spring I will try burning out the rest of the stump.
We also plan to add on to the back of the house with the kitchen being in the new part and wanted a better view than what was left of the tree. It took a lot of sawing and some wedges before the tree came down, but the fall was anti-climatic since it didn't have far to fall. Just a small thud and the show was over.
I want to level the stump enough to where I can drive over it with the shed/trailer so I still have a lot of chainsaw work to do. Still waiting on the hitch and the u bolts. Tomorrow I will start lifting the shed high enough to get the axles, with tires, attached. Also this will give me more room to work. I don't have a big dunlop belly to squeeze underneath the shed, but the more room the better.

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10-02-2015 09:57 PM Tie rod end
I am still driving the Blazer since I have nothing else to replace it with. I can drive around town on short trips and not have any indication of a rod knock. I needed the Blazer to day so that I could weld a couple of old satellite poles together for a hitch on the shed/trailer. The two poles were 6 feet long and I ordered some more u bolts and a trailer hitch that I will bolt on. I was coming back from the welding shop at the semi public and drove into the parking lot by my house when I heard a loud bang. I thought the pipe had slide over to the side of the Blazer, but it turned out I had lost a tie rod. So rod knock and tie rod end. But a tie rod end was easy to fix compared to a rod bearing. Less than an hour and I was back on the road.

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  [Entry #94]

09-28-2015 05:02 PM getting bad vibrations
I was hauling the raft up to the river and could feel a slight vibration. The vibration became more and more pronounced and it finally became obvious that my 230,000 mile Chevy Blazer was developing a rod knock. By the time I got back to town, the vibration was very distinct and the oil pressure was down to 20 PSI. Now I have to make the decision whether to pull the engine for an overhaul or just start looking for another SUV. A 1995 Blazer with 230,000 miles...tough decision.

The raft and the Blazer several years ago.

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09-27-2015 06:28 PM Stub axles
shortened the axles yesterday and now I'm ready to try installing them. I have all of the u-bolts that I removed from the leaf springs and I plan to use them to bolt the axles on to the 2x6's. I have twelve now and I was planning to get six more, which would be three per axle.

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09-25-2015 09:56 PM cleaned and lubed
Pressure washed the axles today to clean off all the leaves and crud. Emptied a can of WD40 and took an impact wrench to the bolts holding the leaf springs and shackles on. I had to free up the brakes on one of the axles as they had rusted. The wheel bearing all looked good and had plenty of grease, so I left them alone. Also pulled the tires off and pressure washed them as well and inflated them to make sure they will hold air.
Tomorrow, the axles go to the welding shop and the band saw. Still trying to decide the best way to attach these axles. I watched a Youtube where the guy made a plate for the side and the bottom of his shed, but it was a small shed. I may add this to my build, but i will still have the straps.

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