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07-20-2005 09:35 PM More Cooling fan pictures.
When I was looking for ideas on how to do the shroud fom my electric fans, I had a hard time locating any pictures of installed fans. I have some pictures of the elecric fans I halped install on a '64 Buick Special.

This is a piece of .050" aluminum sheet and 3/4 aluminum angle. The sheet was formed over the edge of a table and had the angle cut to length and pop riveted to the sheet. Two pieces of angle were used for the bottom to go from horizontal to vertical. The now vertical piece was fastened to the bolts that hold the Radiator in place. The top is not connected, but is brought foreward for a clean look. A hole was marked and cut to match the shape of the Flex-a-Lite Black Magic fan. The brackets the hold the fan also keep the shroud pressed against the radiator.

Also, notice the radiator catch can. It is actually the bottom half of a fire extinguisher. It came that way, I did not build it.

(click photo to enlarge)

(click photo to enlarge)
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07-19-2005 09:35 PM Fixed My Alternator Drive Problems
I finally got a pulley the right size for my alternator.

The Alternator is a 140 amp from Summit, and it came with a 2.3" pulley. Well, It sort of worked. I could not get enough grip on the pulley to be effective. After I switched on my fans, the load would smoke the belt. I asked around and I found my local Checker had a box of pulleys. I sifted through and found 2 2.9" pulleys. They just let me have them.

Went home swapped pulleys and it worked better, but after some hard drivin' I smoked the belt and limped home. Fed up with not enough surface to grab, I bought a 5" pulley from Summit. As I was putting the 5" on, I noticed another alternator I had on the bench. It had a 3.6" pulley! Good thing too, I wasn't looking foreward to having a 5" pulley and it's underdriven characteristics. The 3.6 does not smoke the belt, but did require a slightly larger belt.

I guess the leson I learned is to look, the right size is out there... somewhere...

In the pictures are the pulleys. First is the 3.8" and then the 3.8" and the 2.3" next to each other. Last is the 2.9" next to the 2.3"

(click photo to enlarge)

(click photo to enlarge)

(click photo to enlarge)
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07-18-2005 10:04 PM Cooling Fans Installed
I had put these fans in about two weeks ago. I didn't take any production pictures, but some are better than none, right?

Well anyways I cut a piece of 20 ga. steel for the bottom that just sits on the bottom of the core support. I would have used bolts to hold it on the bottom but once it was in place, I couldn't get it out. I did the same for the top and bent it over the edge of a table to get the radius at the top. I used two 1/4" bolts to secure it down into two speed nuts. After it was in the car, I used some weatherstrip foam to fill in the cracks around the edge of the fan and to provide a cushion for the fans against the radiator. I think it worked out rather well, but it was still a lot of work involved. I measured everything about six times to come up with a way I thought would work. It was close and fit right in anyway.

These fans are Dual Derale fans that pull 4000 cfm at a spike amperage of 50 amps and drops down to below 30 amps with both running. They are powered by two 265 watt motors. I think they will work real well.


(click photo to enlarge)

(click photo to enlarge)
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07-16-2005 02:34 PM The New 383
This is my 383 with a Lunati Voodoo Cam, fake aluminum heads, roller Rockers, Scat Cast Crank, Powdered Metal Rods, Forged Pistons @ 9.8:1 Compression, and an Edelbrock Performer Manifold. It is currently going 15.22 in the quarter hera at 4200 feet. Not bad, but still not fast enough...

(click photo to enlarge)
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07-12-2005 07:33 PM In the Beginning
Well, maybe now's as good a time as any to start this project journal...

Anyways, here's my car. Good solid '82 El Camino SS. Currently running 15.2's at 93 mph in the quarter at 4200 feet. I'll be doing some backtracking to bring my journal up to speed. So for now, here you go.


(click photo to enlarge)
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