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12-16-2007 10:19 PM Wiring finished finally
I never thought I'd say it, but the wiring project is finally done for now. Spent the day tidying things up in the engine bay some more along the firewall, as well as re-locating a few ground wires here and there to make the finished appearance look better. Also relocated the coolant resevoir since removing the old alternator regulator gave me more clearance by the radiator.

Ah so beautiful, everything's organized. Before I moved on, I wanted to try something out to see if I could figure out what the hell that damn chirping noise is anytime I would rev the engine. Been suggested that it could be the bushings/bearings in the distributor needed to be lubricated. Went with that notion since I honestly have no idea where the noise could be coming from after trying to trace it down multiple times. Just seems to come from everywhere in the engine bay.

Removed the cap and rotor giving me better access to see the internal components to see if maybe something is rubbing against something else within the cap. The first thing I noticed was the paint from the advance weights was flaking off and pretty much everywhere inside the distributor housing. After cleaning most of the crap out, I took some lithium grease and sprayed on top of the upper bearing a few times, letting it seep through and re-spraying.

There's also a small port right above the mounting point of the distributor on the intake and I'm pretty sure it's for lubricating the bushings/bearings so I went ahead and sprayed some lithium grease in there. Wiped the excess grease from inside the distributor housing and put everything together, fired her up and whaddya know, the noise is practically inaudible. Prior to this, it was such a loud squeal and could be heard at idle just recently, and even more apparent when you would snap the throttle. I wouldn't be surprised if those paint chippings fell into the bearings and that's where the noise is coming from. Either way, I'll probably have to completely disassemble the unit and clean/re-grease everything and re-paint those advance weights to keep them from rusting/flaking more paint off.

Before the night was over, I was dead set on driving it so installed the carpet and bench seat.

Also put the tail light housings together and re-checked everything to make sure all the lights were working properly. As I started the engine and let it warm up before plowing into the cold night, at the last second when I was checking everything one last time, bloop, the engine cut off and I knew it was the main power fuse. Looks like 15A just wasn't enough, so I stepped it up to a 20A and took a few extras with me on the road just in case the load took out another fuse. Hopefully that'll be the highest fuse I'll have to use since I don't feel too good about going higher than 20A. We'll see.

The first thing I noticed is that while I was driving, the damn chirping noise was still present, but nowhere near as loud as it was before. Was hoping the lithium grease would hold out longer than that, but have to disassemble the distributor sooner than I thought. Oh well, just happy that I don't have to pull my engine and replace some expensive components. All in all, successful run, no more blown fuses, and did a nice long burnout before parking it in the garage just for sh*ts and giggles.

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12-10-2007 08:20 PM Damn my feeble back, sob hurts..
Another drawn out day putting things back together and wire looming my harness just to give a nicer look. It's pretty tedious but would like it done.

Well after getting everything under the dash covered in loom, decided to clean off the floor pans once more and prep it for a final coal of rustoleum since I gouged the paint in a few areas when I was on my back and what not.

While I was letting that cure and trying not to pass out from the fumes, went ahead and finished up wire looming the front as well. Still need to wire loom a few other wires that run along the firewall, but that'll take about 30 more minutes and I'll be done.

Looks good, but will it start?!?! :o

Yup : ) still starts and runs great, with the exception of that damn chirping noise that happens whenever you snap the throttle. I tried tracing down the noise again and listened to the dizzy closely again since a few people told me it could be the bearing needs to be lubed up inside, but I'm still not sure if that's the problem. :/ It's pretty annoying, but that's something for another day.

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  [Entry #65]

12-09-2007 08:42 PM Tidying things up
Ah yes, well the fun of wiring is pretty much over. Now the other tedious half comes swift with a vengence; tidying everything up making it look nice and neat. I did go back to the gauge lights and re-did the light power/grd connections because I didn't like how they were a bit bulky and wanted to actually get heat shrink tubing around the solder, not just tape with the zip ties to keep it unravelling.

Looks much better now. Organization=win

Also began to wire loom the harness to protect it and give it a further hidden look so that the focus is mainly on the engine, not the wires. Can't tell in the picture but the loom stretches all the way from the front relay to the firewall where the connectors are. Wires are tucked away behind the fender well out of view. I ran out of zip ties though and need to go pick up some more wire loom for the engine bay and underneath the dash as well.

Took the bumper out of the bed and finally put it back on. Before doing so, I went ahead and did a little work to it, taking off unnecessary brackets and bumping out a few dents here and there with a hammer/dolly. Double checked the tail lights, and wanted to be sure the license plate lights were working correctly. Everything checked out just fine, really happy with how much better things look. This wiring harness will last many years to come.

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  [Entry #64]

12-03-2007 10:03 PM Dare I say.. coming.. together??
Finally fixed the problem with the light switch, getting low beams, gauge lights, and tail lights once again. Feeling great.

Oh and those who are wondering, the jumper cables on the tail light housings aren't permanent. Just making sure they were working properly. :p

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12-03-2007 10:01 PM Things are finally coming together
Soon after school, went to O Rerrys to buy a battery cable, some more zip ties, and wire loom for the finishing touches. After getting the old battery cable out of there and installing the new one, bench tested the starter once again with the new cable. Sprung to life so that's a good sign. Had to then put that starter back in, and lemme tell you, it's a big PITA putting one back in compared to taking it out when you only have a few inches to move around. Sucks not having a rack to lift things, but did the best I could. After taking the cable out multiple times and modifying it at the solenoid to make sure the wire wouldn't rub the block, got everything buttoned up under there to where nothing should have a hole rubbed in it. After all that, my arms were burning.

Let the car down, walked around to make sure I wasn't forgetting anything. I was getting a bit anxious making sure I didn't leave anything in the path of the belt driven fan, or leave a wire resting on a header. Went in the car, grasped the key and turned it to see what happened. Car turned over again and again, not starting at first. Bah crap.. had my mom come over and turn the key while I checked for spark from the coil and as she did it sputtered a little bit. Plugged the coil back in as it was firing just fine, fired right up after that. Must've been the fact that the car hadn't of been started in such a long time. Let out a great sigh of relief hearing the familiar rumbling of the big block beat against my chest. Was very happy, although when I went to activate the light switch, headlights came on. Yes! Hit the beam select switch, nothing. DAMMIT! Same problem, only getting power to one pin running to the select switch, yet only the high beams worked. Thought I had a short in that circuit that I overlooked, looked at all the wires over and over again, ohmed everything out. Everything checked out. Scratched my head wondering what I did wrong.

Disassembled the old switch and looked at how it operated. The smaller cube like object with contact points that resides within the larger contact are, moves up and down that area as you pull on the knob, supplying power through specific points. After studying it for some time, something didn't seem right as only one pin would get power, like it was doing. I was trying to figure out how the other side got power, when it hit me; this bastard has two input wires. XD

Wired up another power wire to go into the connector, fired everything up, checked everything, and sure enough, everything worked like a charm. Turn signals worked, tail lights worked, headlights worked, brake lights worked, horn worked, car running great. Exhausted but damn, what an awesome way to finish this up finally. Just need to make everything look nice in the interior now to hide the wires and I'll be all set.

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