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10-31-2005 12:25 AM Jurassic Park Insects
The amazing thing about it all is the giant mess it generates. It took literally hours to clean up everything. Both sprayguns, workbench, half full and empty cans, roll up air hose, water hose, put away extra fluorescent lights, extension cords, tear down the shanty, put away the plastic, the tarps, the wood.

And now, the damages. A monster bug landed on the right quarterpanel, and there are tiny bugs on almost every panel. The color dries very quickly, so the bugs did not stick there. They got in the clearcoat. The bug on the quarterpanel and another on the hood, are quite large. If that weren't enough, a mammoth piece of linty dust fell from one of the lights onto the other quarterpanel. I carefully used tweezers to lift off as much as I could. I put on tons of clear, so we'll see how many of the bugs I can carefully sand away with 1000 grit sandpaper.

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10-31-2005 12:11 AM All Painted Out
After 2:00 AM, I was finished, and the clear had hardened enough to take down the shanty. I could have waited until the next day, but the shanty had been up too long, and I was really tired of looking at it. Some of the drywall screws shrieked as I used the cordless drill to remove them. Apparently my friendly neighbors in their house just 20 feet away are very sound sleepers.

The clear came out very shiny, and the color looks very good--in the dark!

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  [Entry #38]

10-31-2005 12:04 AM An Abstract Painting, continued, part 3
Here is the first coat going on. There are always so many things to get done on paint day, and as a result, I got started too late. Painting it a different time of year might also have been helpful. It was fully dark outside before I finished, and that means bugs. I thought I had done a good job with my plastic tarp shanty I built on the front of the garage, but they got in anyway, and they started coming long before dark.

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  [Entry #37]

10-30-2005 11:57 PM An Abstract Painting, continued.
Much too late in the day, I started painting. I know I am doing it wrong, prepared it wrong and paint like a goofball, so don't email me. Everyone you or I could ever ask about how to paint a car, including professionals, will give a different answer. I started with the hood, and then the tops of the fenders, and worked my way down. I made lots of mistakes and learned many things. The first is that before I paint another car, I'll buy an HVLP gun. Due to my inexperience painting, I wasted a ton of material. At $209 a gallon, this was an expensive mistake. (but still light-years cheaper than paying someone else to do it.)

The color is DuPont ChromaBase from the Spectramaster catalog. I was told that my exact color, GM paint code 62 "Bittersweet Irridescent" could not be mixed in Basecoat/Clearcoat, so I had to pick a color from the Spectramaster catalog.

I chose YM081K, as close as I could get to my original color. I will follow it up with at least two coats of ChromaClear.

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10-30-2005 11:45 PM An Abstract Painting
I put the car up on jackstands and removed the wheels so I could do a good job spraying around the insides of the wheel openings. This worked out well.

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  [Entry #35]

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