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04-30-2008 06:22 PM Tailpipe, sort of
Yesterday i bought a piece of pipe and tried to bend it on my handy dandy tubing bender. Ruined it pretty good. So i dummied up a model, and took it down to the shop, where they made this one up.

It almost fits, one bend is a little off, but it will do to keep the exhaust out of my face until i can get the Ratster down hill to have it fixed.

My brake bleed helped a lot, so that's getting closer, and i tried to de-ugly the windshield frame so i can have the glass put in.

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04-27-2008 04:48 PM Air in the Lines
Had an idea, and made up this little gizmo out of a flare fitting, and an air hose male. Then i screwed it into the rear brake line splitter, and blew out the lines for about five minutes. When i got them filled up with fluid again, i have a little vacuum pump, i have decent brake pedal. As soon as it quits raining and i have a helper, i'll see if the rear brakes lock up. But it's a lot better now.

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  [Entry #232]

04-25-2008 07:57 PM Work Day II
Picture 1) Made a little thing to hold the steering wheel in place, the guy that sold it to me forgot it.

Picture 2) Stuck a mirror on the Ratster. Then Darrel came over and we tried to bleed the brakes for the tenth time. Needs surgery.

And i hooked up the old fuel line, i had rubber as a temp. The carb is on the same side as the old Toyota motor, but the fuel pump is on the other side. I will have to run another hard line under the engine later. Eventually i will have to get this up on a lift and rationalize and tie down all the lines and hoses before i even try to take it on the road.

But now i want to get it so i can get it to a lift, and maybe the muffler shop. I think i will have to get it on a lift to do the parking brake, maybe not, but the muffler shop is down a pretty big hill, so need real brakes.

I can register it anytime i want to pay for insurance, but it has to be sort of sane. It's a total cop magnet now.

There is supposed to be some deal to drive an unregistered car to the repair shop, but i want insurance, in case something bad happens. Once the windshield is in and the brakes work, i can creep it down to Darrel's and get it on the lift. It's less than a mile away. Darrel wants to drive it worse than i do.

Oh, and seat belts too.

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  [Entry #231]

04-25-2008 07:43 PM Work Day
Picture 1) Put the drive shaft in the 47, after a delay caused by loosing one of the bolts. I also managed to get the clearance hoop off center so i have to cut that loose and reweld it. These Japanese frames are all built un-symmetrical, and i forgot. But it looks ok in relation to the rear end horizontally and vertically, so that's good. I think i will cut out the hoop around the tranny to mount the shifter rather than trying to get tricky. Should be pretty strong, and i might be able to run a speedo cable.

Picture 2) While i was at the auto fasteners store, i got the right bolts for the weird hood ornament, 12-24's, and found that it fits. All i could get was slotted heads, so i will have to remove the shell to bolt it on. But i have a plan to weld more metal on it, so that's no problem.

IF i keep this thing, i might put some flaring fenders on it, not sure.

Picture 3) Steering stabilizer on the Ratster. I am getting itchy to test drive this beast, so i will have the windshield put in next week. The only big fabrication deal is making or finding a parking brake linkage thingy, then it will be a matter of making it civilized, a real wiring harness, lights and so on.

The alternator still doesn't work, i will replace it, and the rear brakes are still not getting any pressure. perhaps blocked lines or something i don't understand in the lines. They seem a little more complex than they have to be, i might have to ask the Toyota deale. Three so-called experts have looked at it, and they dunno, neither.

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  [Entry #230]

04-21-2008 03:42 PM Radiator
Had the neck extended and the radiator pressure tested.

He might have gotten the overflow in the wrong place, i didn't specify. But it was reasonable.

He has a Toyota mudtruck with a 350 in it, so he is hip to hot rodding

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  [Entry #229]

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