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10-03-2006 12:23 PM Jason's Continued
Pulling the engine with Jason's Patented Power Engine Hoist... That's Jason in the picture.

Yay, it's out... now to pull the flattie

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  [Entry #78]

10-03-2006 12:20 PM At Jason's
Picture #1 The Kurbmaster roof made into an awning at Jason's shop..

#2 The Falcon Carb rebuilt and on.

# 3 Sheet metal cut off, ready to lift engine.

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  [Entry #77]

09-23-2006 04:59 PM Except What....
I should be doing... Catching up on old projects..

Spent most of the day, half day, welding up this spare tire mount, made out of Blazer mount and some 1 x 4 oblong tubing.. I could have moved the stud, but got lazy and used a washer.. No off-roading with this anyway.. At least it leaves room in front of the gas tank for a thin tool box.

If you look at the last picture, you can see the front of the '47. There is very ittle left, and buddy John is going to use it for one of his "art robots"..

And i bashed away on making a wheel puller out of an old wheel and the safety cover for an oxy tank. Maybe it will work. No pix..

And welded up some gaping holes in the front door frame... What a monster. Everything you see here, from the lower door hinge to about halfway to the brake pedal is new. The "Sill" or "rocker panel" is 1 x 4" tubing, and about three inches into the floor was all empty air when i got the truck. It's a little thicker now.

I was supposed to be welding up seat belt mounts, but it looked like rain, so i worked on guitars all morning..

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  [Entry #76]

09-21-2006 12:38 PM Bye-Bye Little Offel
Got paid for the Opel today... total cost $490.00, and i got $355.00, minus eBay fees... So i lost 135.00 plus. And most of that was the title fee. I think they charged me the Highway Use Tax for a sports car..

Oh, well... I'll go give Jason some of this money to buy a floor shifter for the Falcon

Later; Did that, and helped Jason push the Falcon down to his new shop, so it is officially "on deck". All it needs, it says here, are wires, drive shaft, battery, and the floor shift.

While i was there, i swapped out the last two wheels from the donor. I have to drag my torches over there and hack off the front end to help the engine swap..

And i worked on getting the steering wheel and column out of the 47. The wheel is locked and the key long gone, and if i can get the column down to the locksmith's, it will save me $100.00, rather than pay for a house call. I got it loose, but it won't come out... I think my ignorance is the problem... I'll pull the wheel, and/or try again tomorrow..

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  [Entry #75]

09-18-2006 02:50 PM The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Hard to tell which is which...

Jason came over sorted out the carb and the timing, on Der Frankenwagen and it actually runs (!) Almost like a real car..Rumpums galore..

Next work day, i will weld up the inside enough to mount the seat belt, and screw the seat down once and for all... That will be the end of the construction phase, i truly hope..Knock on rust.

Then mount the spare tire mount, do the dash gages, radio and such like.. I was wrong about the headlight switch, it's just old and tired and needs a strong hand.

And i spent a happy hour welding up the cheap jack seat braces in the Purple thing... Learn me to buy from JCW. .. Swapped out the seatbelt, the old one was so tired it jammed in the rollers more often than not... And while i was at it, tried to swap out the speakers, but the ones i wanted to use had died..

Now im wondering how hard it would be to put a Holly Weber on the purple thing... get rid of all those vacuum hoses and electrical connections... Then if i do rebuild the engine, i will be that much ahead... I swapped out an engine in a 36 Plymouth when i was a kid, but my parents made me junk it, because i took so long.. Long story.

I had rebuilt it, and got it running, but had the wrong piston and scarred up the cylinder wall. So i got an engine out of a 50 Dodge and got it in and running, but couldn't find a piece of the clutch linkage, so i had to sell it.

So i always wanted to rebuild something and actually get it to work..

And in a major development, Jason offered to sell me a newly rebuilt BMW 1800 engine for the Model T Speedster... Only 120 hp... Awww... He has a four speed trans but we have to find a head and manifolds, but that's a big help... A Beemer funny.

(click photo to enlarge)
  [Entry #74]

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