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04-17-2011 07:12 PM 1930u 392 finally between the rails
I haven't posted for awhile but I have been staying busy. Here's the recent progress. I have had all sorts of fit and alignment problems. Mostly with the after market parts. Today I got the engine mounted up.

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03-23-2011 08:47 PM 1930u- More measuring
Today I dropped the heads and rocker arms on without a gasket to check piston to valve clearance. All the books said there would be plenty of room with only a .500" lift and they were correct. The clay impression was well over .125". I used a sold lifter for the test.

(click photo to enlarge)
  [Entry #113]

03-23-2011 08:36 PM 1930u- Measuring the push rods
Since I'm using a reground cam the base circle is smaller than stock cam and requires the use of adjustable push rods or order to set the correct lifter preload. One complete turn of the adjusting nut equals .032". Comp spec. for this cam is .030". I usually set them at .040" I also had a buddy stop over and help me find top dead center with a degree wheel and check the cam specs.

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03-22-2011 08:09 PM 1930u Rocker shaft removal
I just thought I'd add this as general info. My core plugs arrived today. Here's my technique for removing and assembling the rocker arm shafts ...leaving the rockers and springs in place. I used the head studs as a holding fixture and I cut off a piece of PVC pipe and used it as an arbor. It works great to remove and install the shafts.

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03-20-2011 07:34 PM 1930u- 392 rebuilt rocker assemblies
Today I went out to the hot rod shop to put on the heads and close up the block. I grabbed the rocker shaft assemblies and put them on the bench. Like many of the other parts I had them gone through at a local performance shop. They looked great when I got them back but when I cleaned them off and blew out all the holes with air, a glob of sooty looking stuff blew out of one of the rockers arms. Upon further inspection, I found everything was really clean but when I looked into the end of the rocker shaft I could see a little core plug in each end. One of the plugs looked new but the others were definitely the original plugs that are used to seal off the shaft.

I was concerned, so I took them completely apart. I then removed the core plugs and found that the inside of the shaft was full of nasty black sludge. 5 hours later I finally got them clean. I left everything soak in thinner and then used gun bore brushes to get them clean.

Classic example- if you want it done it yourself!

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