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03-19-2011 08:41 PM 1930u Timing cover conversion
Today I noticed my timing cover was hard to fit over the dowel pins and it seemed like it was binding up. To correct the problem I reamed the cover holes with a 1/4" drill bit. I chucked up a bit in the mill but I just turned the arbor by hand and it worked fine to clean up the holes. This corrected the problem but I still couldn't get the cover to flush up with the block because the cam sprocket bolt head was touching the cover. I had to remove about 3/16" from the bolt head. It's fine now.

I also had to flatten the crank snout oil slinger a bit to keep it from rubbing the inside of the timing cover. This was a Hot Heads recommendation.

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03-19-2011 08:12 PM 1930u Oil pump issue resolved
I finally got the oil pump issues resolved. The aluminum oil pan fits. Near the bottom of the picture you can see where I milled and ground the pump mounting flange.

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03-13-2011 04:06 PM 1930u 392 Hemi oil pump conversion
Ran into a few more problems with the Hot Heads oil pump and adapter. The first was oil pan clearance but I was able to shorten the pick tube and screen assembly and got the recommended 3/8" dimension between the pan bottom and the pick up.

I also have a clearance problem with the aluminum oil pan and oil pump and adapter. The oil pump assembly won't allow the oil pan mounting holes to line up with the block rails. The pan needs to move forward in order for the bolt holes to line up. I think, I can take care of this problem by milling .125 off the back of the oil pump housing and the billet adapter. No way am I going to hack up the oil pan. If that doesn't work I'm changing back to a stock 392 oil pump.

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  [Entry #106]

03-12-2011 08:38 PM 1930u 392 Hemi oil pump conversion

I converted the original 392 oil pump to a high performance 360 small block Mopar pump. This is easily done by using the kit from Hot Heads. However, I had some clearance issues with the kit. It comes with a small billet mounting adapter and a step down bushing, or spacer that indexes into the rear main cap. If you're using main studs, nuts and washers be careful of clearance problems. The small spacer is very close to the washer and main nut. I also could not get the spacer to sit flush on the main cap. I had to trim .020" off the spacer in order to get it to flush out with the main cap.

If you don't check this you potentially will cause stress on the pump housing and adapters and cause a misalignment of the driven shaft. Not good!

Finally to get it to work properly I had to mill the notch in the spacer a little deeper so that it would sit flush with the main cap. I also had to machine a flat on the main nut washer to make it work out. The last thing I will mention is the hex key bolts that mount the billet adapter to the main cap. Make sure the bolts are flush with the adapter, or the oil pump will not seat properly. The machine work on those bolts left a little to be desired.

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03-08-2011 05:56 PM 1930u the gun is loaded

Tonight I finished installing the pistons and rods. So far, so good with the short block. I'll get back at it this weekend.

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  [Entry #104]

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