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11-20-2009 05:41 PM Smoothing the rails
Today I got back to the frame work. Most of the frame is going to be visible so you almost have to finish it like the rest of the body. I knocked back the epoxy primer with some 400 paper scuffing it up and then started using high build primer to take care of the imperfections. I also skimmed coated a few areas with filler.

Primer is a wonderful thing!

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11-15-2009 06:14 PM Coating the frame with Epoxy Primer
Coating the frame with Epoxy Primer

After cleaning the frame again I mixed up some epoxy primer. This primer can also be used as a sealer or seal coat. The first mix was 2 parts activator and 1 part primer. I fogged it on wet. It flashed quickly. About and hour later I checked it from end to end for fish eyes, crazing and lifting. All looked good but it was very spotty.

Then I mixed up a batch 1 to 1 and coated the frame heavy.

I have been using the Kirker paint products for several years with good success.

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11-15-2009 05:49 PM More Frame Work and Welding
More frame work grinding, welding and epoxy primer

This weekend has been nothing but work. Today I reinforced the bell housing/trans. mounting brackets. I cut slots on both sides of the frame rail at the point where the existing brackets were welded on. I passed ¼" plates through the boxed area and welded on both sides. Also added horizontal triangular supports on both sides of the mounting ear's.

My grinding work has also exposed several metal stress cracks and tears in the right side of the frame. All the years of dropping the hammer on this thing has taken it's toll. Most of the cracks were found in the area where the right ladder bar front mounting bolt attaches to the frame. I ground all the ones I could get to and otherwise used a cutting torch to slit and clean the cracks a bit. After that I was able to use a Lincoln 125 MIG to get in and weld up all the stressed areas. This took awhile and I ruined 3 tips and really over heated the gun. Since this was all ¼" to 5/16" plate, or channel I used .035 wire. All is good now but the finish grinding was a difficult.

What a job! Welder's and fabricators what ever you charge can't be enough...

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11-14-2009 07:32 PM More frame work
More frame work

This week I took the front leaf springs to the spring shop. The spring leaves were chrome plated back in the late 60's. The main leaf is the only painted leaf in the stack. I had the shop break down the spring stacks to see if we could salvage the old chrome. Thanks to the quality of the old chrome work we were able to polish and save them. Their not perfect and since this old U will be a street/race car I can live with a few pits and rust stains. I also had new bushings made for the spring eyes and fabbed up some new U-bolts which will go to the chrome shop.

Today I got back to welding the frame around the mounts and other areas where parts were held in place by the old rivets. I'm grinding down to bare metal and then using etching and weld through primer to seal it down until I can get a coat of epoxy primer on the whole frame. I also neutralized the acid treated areas and washed the whole thing down with a trisodium phophate cleaner.

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11-08-2009 06:22 PM Chrome shop
As I disassembled the chassis I inspected all the parts and labeled them all as to their location and arrangement. Right, left, front, back, etc. I am going to rebuild both the king pin assembles and have new u-bolts made for the front leaf springs. Other than that everything just needs to be cleaned, polished or plated.

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