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08-24-2008 05:02 AM Ever forward
Things are moving along great! Only one (I'll call it minor to make myself feel better) hiccup in the build so far. It was a learning experience in taking one's time, make sure to check that all burrs are removed from the oil holes on the crank after you do your fancy-schmancy chamfering on said oil holes as they eat a brand new set of bearings rather quickly!

So... after a new set of bearings and a cleaning job (again), the crank is in, and rods & slugs are in da holes. Pump is on, cam is in, chain is on, and pan and timing covers are on.

Tomorrow will be getting the Elky in the driveway, and begin the motor/tranny removal.

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08-10-2008 08:51 PM Well it's about damn time
The plan was to have this done by this spring... A few months over due. The good thing is, it's turning into a build with all new parts instead of a cheap-o rebuld.

Before and after paint. As it sits now, all plugs are in, cam bearings are in, waiting for crank & rod bearings.

All other shortblock parts are ready to go. Shortblock should be done in 2 weeks! Heads on the other hand...

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11-28-2007 11:58 AM The Beastie
Well, here she is in all her glory, sitting in the new snow... god I hate winter. 1979 El Camino Conquista. Nice whitewalls eh? LOL

I bought it 2 years ago for the measly sum of $100. From my mother in law. It had been sitting in their garage for about 4 years, one of the stipulations was that I take the topper that was on it. It already had the Craigers and dual exahust.

Anyway, when I got it home, it didn't run. The mechanic that they brought it to around 5 years ago was quite the piece of work. There were 3 different types of plug wires, #1 and #2 wires were mixed up, two different styles of plugs, he completly destroyed the QJet when he attempted to get at the mixture screws in the front-bottom of the carb, the metering rods were bent as well as the hanger, and more than half of the vacuum lines were plugged and not hooked up. Thank god he only touched the engine.

After I got it running, and all of the above sorted out, I found that a few lifters were collapsed. So in went a mild cam with new lifters, rods, rockers, and timing chain set. During that process, I found that the dampener had slipped and was just a shade shy of being 180deg off!!!

At the same time I talked my old man out of his Performer intake and carb that were just sitting around in his shop (he has a '32 T-bucket by the way... won't let me drive it, but want's me to help him get it all shiny before shows lol). After all that, the little 305 thinks it's a 350. About 3 months after that, I shelled out the rearend.

So... I got a great deal off Ebay for a posi out of a 3rd gen Camaro and a set of 3.73 gears. I'm simply amazed at the performance of this machiene after all the relativly minor things I've done to it. The radio dont work, but I don't understand why people put loud systems in their rods. The only music I need to listen to is the car itself.

Please ignore my spelling, grammar, and tendancys to go off subject.

The plans of this project:
Tighten up the suspension - poly bushings, shocks, and I'm considering throwing lift bars in the rear.

Build the 400 - shooting for a goal of NO LESS than 400hp/450tq

Bodywork - fix dents, rust, get a chin spoiler, shoot her black, and ponder getting some SS emblems or graphics... I know that dont sit well with the purists... but hey.

Tint the glass - beings the title says "truck" I can get away with going pretty darn dark. Where I live, it seems trucks can go a little darker than cars.

Well this entry has gone on longer than it should have. Sorry to bore you to tears, and thanks for being interested long enough to read it.

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11-28-2007 02:31 AM My Junk.
Well, here is my junk. For now it's just pictures of the mice. They seem to be leaving droppings all over the garage... now if they would just multiply when i'm not in there. Maybe if I turn on a little Barry White before i leave the garage at night...

Anyway, there is the 350 4-bolt, the 305 in the Elky and my recently acquired 400.

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