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06-23-2009 06:36 AM Fordillac is too hot to handle...
Yesterday I spent the entire day trying to correct the Fordillac's overheating issue. The initial thought was that since I didn't have a recovery tank, it was simply pushing enough coolant out to not keep the 472 cool. I made what I think is a pretty elegant tank from an old carbon tet brass fire extinguisher, but alas, that simple addition didn't make a difference. The short, 12 mile round trip into town ended up with a geyser of green coolant spewed onto the engine and out the hood sides.

What ultimately (I hope) turned out to be the culprit was the vac advance unit on the dist. has failed, and I'd set the timing way, way retarded in order for it to start when warm, as I timed it by ear. I've ordered a new one from the local NAPA, which won't be here untill Friday, but that gives me a reason to get the interior and top done in the meantime.

Stay tuned for the for the next exciting episode of "Fordillacs Revenge", or "Wow, this really is a HOT rod..."

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06-20-2009 08:35 PM First 20 miles, observation and critique
1. Make sure seemingly little things, like tightening down bolts holding electric fuel pump to frame, and ground wire to said pump, are more than finger tight. When electricity stops, so does the car.

2. On maiden voyages which are further than comfortable walking distance are embarked upon, carry at least a pair of pliers and crecent wrench. Or, a cell phone if you're a puss.

3. Order coolant recovery tank and install before car leaves driveway. See above about walking...

4. Don't ingnore suspicion that forward bolts holding rear fenders to brackets may hit body. Or, get used to gouges in otherwise pristine paint and bodywork, and just pull those offending bolts out. Hey, there's three still holding it on, right? Anyway, touch up work is fun!

5. Get some asbestos pants, or make a boot for the shifter to prevent hot exhuast gas from entering said hole at what seem like supersonic speeds and actually singing hair of ones lower leg. The ladies like the "smooth" look, right? Or maybe that's other guys, I should check...

5. Despite above gliches, THIS THING IS A RIOT!! It's like an insanely overpowered go cart. In spite of the stone age front end, it actually steers and handles well, tracks well, steering is tight, light and returns to center. It seems pretty neutral in corners, and can be steered with the throttle, tail end comes around predictably and easily. It hooks up better than I thought it would too, with the skinny bias plys on the the rear. Admittedly, I'm not getting into it all the way yet, but it's scary fast at less than half throttle. It's a rocket.

So, there are a couple of little glitchs to iron ot, but it's off to, I think, a pretty good start. Now, to order that recovery tank...

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  [Entry #127]

06-20-2009 04:06 AM FIRST DRIVE!!!
Drove the roadster for the first time yesterday. I'm still smiling...

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06-01-2009 07:36 PM This is the coolest thing I've ever seen
Started assembling the '36 today, and I am just speechless. Well, not quite! It's going well, didn't drop, scratch, dent, break, gouge, or ruin anything. Cool.

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  [Entry #125]

05-31-2009 03:24 PM Fordillac FINALLY Painted!!!
Today I got the body, doors, grill, and the stuff I scratched up yesterday painted. It looks GREAT, I love the olive green color, and the body work is straight arrow. Owing to the fact I don't have a paint booth, and there's a TON of pollen in the air, it's a little dusty, but that'll polish out easily.

Have a long weekend, so tommorow I can start assembling the car. That's great, 'cause I'm so excited I'd probably call in anyway to work on it!

I also got the title, it's now insured and plated, so when I get it all put together, the first trip is to Muffler Man to get exhaust under it. I'm hoping to have it "finished" enough to take to the Vicksburg Old Car Festival in two weeks. We'll see.

Thanks to my wife Kim for putting up with me burning the midnight oil on this thing lately, I owe you big!

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  [Entry #124]

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