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03-04-2009 04:14 PM Fordillac Wired!
The wiring on the '36 is officially DONE! I'm waiting on the electric cooling fan and relay kit, a turn signal switch, and gas gauge sending unit, but the wiring itself is done. The lights light, the horns blow, it'll roll over with the starter.

A local shop is making the 15" long driveshaft, and I have a carb kit for the stock Quadrajet (which has been setting for about 10 years), so when those two things are done, it should be ready to fire up.

The gauge mounts from the back of the dash, as do the switches, so all those things are OK hanging , although it looks messy once the dash is in and the loom is concealed and tied down it'll be fine. The fuse panel is from my '51 Pontiac, and the switch gear is generic stuff from Tractor Supply.

I made a neat nuetral safety switch out of a starter button and a chunk of stainless, which mounts to the shifter base. The horn button I have mounted there as well, although that may get changed, we'll see how it looks with the floor panels. I'm not really crazy about the cheapo horn switch, I may use another starter button.

Hope to get the aluminum door panels, kick panels and rear panels made this week, and doing the uphostery for the seats while it's still chilly. I want to have everything done when it's finally warm enough to get paint on it, it's getting close!

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03-02-2009 12:40 PM What else I did on spring break...
While I was out there, Craigs Mustang, his other car besides the Impala, was in desperate need of new tires. I went ahead and got a set of Crager SS rims and some hew high perfomance tires, it looks great. Also found it had eaten the brake shoes on the left rear due to a hung up E brake cable, and skinned my knuckles up trying to replace 'em with no tools other than a set of needle nose pliers and small screw driver. I managed to get it partially done, with the cable off the actuator lever, and it's now at the shop that did the wheels and tires getting fixed proper. Tough to do a brake job with no tools in a condo parking lot...

The car does look better on the "proper" rims.

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03-02-2009 12:31 PM Spring Break!
Not so much a jounal progress report, but more "What I did on Spring Break" story.

I went out to Las Vegas, where our son lives, and he and I took his '62 Impala on a road trip to LA, and north on Hwy 1 to Monterey. We had fantasitic time, no problems with the Impala, the weather cooperated (for the most part), and covered a lot of ground in three days.

Back home now to the frigid cold, and trying to get motivated and go out to the cold shop and get something done!

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  [Entry #106]

02-19-2009 05:59 AM Fordillac gets a Brake!
Actually, it's got 4 brakes now, and an E-brake! Brown had dropped of big boxes full of brake parts the other day, and I got right busy and rebuilt the rear brakes and put the new drums on. (The Caprice posi had no drums when I got it). I have to say that buying the stuff on line was WAY easier and less frustrating than going to the local NAPA store in town, and arguing with the incompetent counter guy with the bad attitude. Less than half price too, and probably the same stuff.

Anyway, the drums are heavily finned, look like Vintage Buicks, and would drop right over the '35 Dodge front drums if I elongate the lug holes. Hmmm....

Made good progress with the wiring too. The lights light, the horns honk, and the harness looks great with the linen wrapped wire. I'm very happy I decided to order the old style stuff from Rhode Island Wiring, it really is going to make the car stand out. I did cheat a little and used some salvaged wire and loom from the miles of it that were in the van I parted out for the Diamond T, but that is all the tail light harness, and is going to be hidded under the floor mats and inteior panels, and will not be visible.

Still need to get a cooling fan, and a one wire alternator, but I can't stomp around the pick you part yard in an open toe ortho boot, and it's too cold again anyway. That can wait.

There is still the interior work and top to be done, but I'll do those in the warm house. It's nice having light at the end of the tunnel, I'm anxious to point the nose of the car down the road and push the loud pedal down!

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  [Entry #105]

02-17-2009 04:06 PM I'm WIRED
Starting to, anyway! I dug into the box of pretty colored wires I got from Rhode Island Wiring, and got a start on getting the roadster wired. Looks perfect!

(click photo to enlarge)

(click photo to enlarge)
  [Entry #104]

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