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02-16-2009 08:56 PM Diamond T engine is IN.
Well, it's blocked up in the chassis, anyway. Nice fit, I did have to trim a little off the bottom of the firewall, as the SBC is wider than the indent for the L6 Herc the truck was born with. All in all, it's gonna be good tho, no intrusion into the cab other than that little bit, which doesn't get into the footwell at all.

I got several boxes of stuff for the Fordillac, so I'll be back on that now, get it wired, and hopefully fired up before a little vacation next week. I'm ready to get out of the cold.

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  [Entry #103]

02-14-2009 08:16 PM Cleaned the shop, found a project!
Well, not really, but I did spend about 4 hours cleaning up the mess. I can now actually SEE the bench top, the roll around cart top, and the floor! The shop seems almost big now!

After that, I worked on the Diamond T a little. Took the hood and grill shell/radiator off. Then I got the narrowed C-20 van crossmembe squared up in the frame, and decided to go ahead and tack weld it in. I had debated whether to bolt it in, or weld it, but I guess that decision is now made. I'll never put the straight axle back under it, but it won't be impossible if some future owner does.

Tommorow I plan on pulling the original Hercules 6 and trans, and lowering the 350/4L60 into the frame so I can get the mounts fabricated. I have several big Tupperware storage bins full of the stuff from the van donor, enough that I could get it running and driveable without spending anything aside from some steel and the driveshaft, so I think that's what I'm going to do. It'll be fun to see how far I can get without spending anything.

I'm waiting on the linen wrapped wire to arrive for the '36, and am going to have the driveshaft made next week, so I'm kind of at a standstill on that. Working on the DT will keep me busy, and be a nice break from the roadster project.

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  [Entry #102]

02-13-2009 10:10 AM Finally, some Fordillac progress
While off with my foot surgery(s), I'd hoped to get lots done on the car. Between the frigid cold of the last month, the second surgery a week ago, then back spasms, probably caused in part by stumping around in one orthopaedic boot, and a different thickness regular shoe, I haven't gotten nearly as much done as I'd hoped.

The last couple of days tho, I did manage to get a little bit done. Got the brake lines finished, got the fuel line finished and all secured to the frame with Adels. I got a tractor battery installed in the trunk, and the cables run. Waiting on the wire (linen wrapped) to get here so I can get it wired, and I have to have the very short driveshaft made. Still need to get the proper yoke, then I can measure that up.

I've made many trips to the NAPA store for all the little bits, tubing, fittings, hoses, belts, etc, and I have to say that this has turned into (for me) a pretty expensive build. Usually I have a donor car to cannabalize for all the trinkets, and for this one I have to buy everything. It adds up quickly! Not complaining, but I am looking forward to starting on the Diamond T, for which I have several big Tupperware storage bins full of Chev van parts all ready and waiting!

The engine I think look great in industrial grey, along with the brass and copper accents. I'm sort of conflicted about the air cleaner, I think I'm just going to paint the pans black, and call it good, as it's TIGHT against the underside of the hood. The element I had to squish a litte to have it clear as it is, and I've ground a little off the hinge flanges to clear. It's pretty full of engine...I'm gonna paint the spark plug looms black, and an engraver friend is engraving some brass ID plaques for it. Should look interesting.

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  [Entry #101]

02-05-2009 04:54 PM Fordillac Brake lines
Got smoe more done with the brake lines, including re-doing the left front one that I'd messed up! I think it looks pretty good, I'm happy with the fit and how the bends turned out. I polished them up, which turned out nice, although I don't know how long they'll stay shiney, but it's good for now.

Also ran the fuel line, although none of that is hooked up, it's in place.

The front lines will be visible thru the grill shell, which is off in these pictures, along with the left apron below the hood.

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  [Entry #100]

02-04-2009 07:54 PM Little progress
No pics, but I ran brake lines today on the '36. I only ruined one 12" piece by by making the last bend the wrong way, so I feel pretty good about that! Had to order up the brake drums for the rear, and new shoes, so it's not bled yet, but it's coming.

Also dropped the gauge face from the HD speedo off at my buddy who does signs. He's going to make a lighter gold ring with brown hash marks and numerals in a font to match the '37 four gauge cluster that I can apply to the darker gold face. That will make the gauges match as well as I think we can get. Ford used gauges from several suppliers, and each seems to be slightly different, and of course they're now 70+ years old and all weathered differently. This should work out just fine.

More photos when I get something picture worthy!

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