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08-05-2008 04:02 PM '62 Impala
Work on the '36 came to a screech'n halt last week, as a new project landed. My son bought a '62 Chev Impala 4dr hardtop from a buddy of mine, and despite my advice to leave it alone, he wanted it painted. I see his point, it was weathered but nice, but not nice enough to be REALLY nice. He lives in Las Vegas, so his thought it is, it needs to be flashy. I can see it.

So, days of sanding old enamel repaint off, feathering, repairing a (tiny) rusty spot on the rt frt fender (which is not the original, but one replaced), it's sealed, primed and ready for block sanding and finish work.

It'll be the original color, Laurel Green, with a cream color top. Hopefully, get color on it this weekend and back together. Then the factory A/C needs recharged, and it's a road warrior trip across country to deliver it!

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  [Entry #73]

07-22-2008 02:02 PM Fordillac Primed. Finally.
Ha! Just came in from getting a gallon of FeatherFill on the body tub and sheet metal for the '36. I'm WAAAYYY over my original time estimate, but, there's no deadline, I guess.

It looks great, and even tho I know I have days of block sanding, repriming, guidecoating and more filling to do, it feels pretty darned good!

Also found today, while cleaning up a little, a Harley speedo left over from my Panhead that fits the dash perfectly, and looks great. It's brand new, and will, supposedly, work with my trans. So, it's been a good day!

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  [Entry #72]

07-21-2008 04:47 PM I can't get anything done...
I meant to have the body and frame primed today with the polyester primer/surfacer, but I just can't make any headway. I decided to fill the door lock cyl. hole in the passenger door (it's an open car, what do I need that there for?), so I did that. Cut a plug, filled the hole perfectly, no filler. Then I found a little tiny low spot in the rt quarter, filled that. Found a ripple in the hood top, metal finished that. Found a couple other tiny little boogers here and there, and as long as I had mud mixed for those, fixed small dings in all four of the cycle fenders. By the time that was all done, it was hot and muggy, and I wasn't motivated.

So, I went into Belle tire to reedem the coupon for a set of free tires we'd won as a door prize at a show last summer. Didn't have anything that needs tires, so I had a set mounted on the Ralley wheels on the donormobile Chev van I bought for the Diamond T. They're 15", same bolt pattern as my '48 convert and '51 Tin Woody, so I can change the look of those if I feel like it, or keep em for a future project.

Maybe tommorow I'll finally get it primed. Or not, depends on how ambitious I am. There's no deadline, after all!


  [Entry #71]

07-17-2008 02:06 PM Fordillac; Still sanding, and sanding,
Finally, I think the body shell and major bits are ready for primer surfacer. I wildly underestimated (eternal optomist that I am) how much work blocking this thing out was going to be. After spending the last two days finishing up, going over everything, and finding of course more little flaws and problems to correct, it's all ready.

Fortunately, the head gasket blew in my air compressor, so I'm done for today! It's too hot anyway to keep on sanding, and I can do the final prep for everything tommorow before it gets too hot. I'll have to fix the compressor, then I can DA everything with 80gr., and start shooting primer. I'm using a polyester filler, similar to "FeatherFill", as there are some pretty deep pits in the doors and trunk lid.

I had the color mixed yesterday, it's going to be Olive green, and I've decided it'll get red striping, red accents on the wheels, the grill bars will be red, and the engine/trans will be red. It'll look like a giant Martini Olive! The paint is a basecoat/clearcoat, I'll leave the interior flat.

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  [Entry #70]

07-07-2008 11:53 AM Fordillac Progress
Still working on the body shell, lot's of finessing to do. We've been camping the past two weeks, and I've been coming home and working on the car during that time for a few hours at a time. It's coming along slowly, but it does look nice, I'm glad I decided to finish the car instead of leaving it rough. I'd never have been happy with it.

Dodging another rainstorm, and took a few minutes to come in and load these photos, have a little lunch. I've been running the car in and out on the trailer, so as not to fill the shop full of sanding dust if I can help it. The rest of the afternoon I'll spend finishing up the body, and get the hood and lower hood panels (which were made from the original inner fenders) finished up.

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  [Entry #69]

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