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06-25-2008 12:54 PM Diamond T drivetrain complet!
The stars are aligned for me, I just scored a complete GMC 3500 front end, hub to hub, and the rear axle, complete with springs, shocks, steering box, all the bits, for 350 with only 35.000 miles.

A buddy of mine (Thanks Tom!) has a set of Dodge 17" aluminum 8 lugs with nearly new Michelon 10 plys, with my name on them. These have (I believe) just enough negative offset to keep the tires just inside the fender opening.

So, I'm good to go, from bumper to bumper and end to end. All I need now is a crew of magic elves to build this perfect beast so I can finish the '36 Fordillac!

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06-24-2008 02:57 PM Diamond T gets a donormobile!
OK, so I just bought the '93 Chev conversion van for the 350 TBI/4L60E. I called a builder buddy to get his input on swapping the TBI for a carb, and he said, "Why on earth would you change it? Just use the whole harness like you've done before, and don't worry about it. You'll have everything you need, and it'll be WAY nicer to drive." Of course, he's right.

Now I have to decide whether to use the vans front susp. and rear axle. I'd made up my mind I wanted a dually, but given the extra unsprung weight and increased fuel consumption, maybe the vans rear and front end would be a better idea. Not to mention it'll drive WAY better than it would with duals and one ton front, or the original straight axles, my other option.

So, now I have plenty of parts to pick from, and I can decide the best way to go this fall when I tear into it!

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06-19-2008 07:08 PM Fordillac Attacks!! More photos...
roll bar mounts, the rest of the sheet metal, and garage clutter...

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06-19-2008 07:02 PM Fordillac Attacks!
Another haitus from working on the car, mainly due to the fact that 2 weeks ago I impaled my right wrist on a scrap of sheet metal while working on it, injuring the nerve, nicking the artery and causing general mayhem. I'm more or less healed up, and today, got back at it.

I finished up blasting the body and all the bits. My driveway looks like a beach, but the body looks GREAT! I got all the little final welding tasks done on the body, and made some mounts on the frame for the 6 point roll cage that's going in the car. That'll be fabbed by a local wizard who builds tubular Corvette and high dollar street rod frames, as I don't have a tubing bender nor the talent to make it.

Now I HAVE to get everything primed. No bare metal here in Michigan, stuff turns orange overnight inside the garage! I don't care how they do it in California, stuff has to get painted here. I'll dust a coat of epoxy primer on everything, and it'll be OK. The underside of the body will be painted with truck bed liner, I'll roll it on, and caulk all the seams with body caulk. Like it'll be waterproof anyway...

The engine is all back together too, and the trans on, just waiting for a decision for the color. I'm thinking gold, flathead green or black with gold accents. The car will be Olive green, so a green motor might not stand out enough. Red is a possibility too, but I want it to look old, and that might not look "right".


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05-23-2008 05:38 PM '36 Fordillac progress, finally
After a 4 month pause, while I finished up the restoration of our '46 Spartan Manor trailer, I finally got to work again on the '36 "Fordillac".

Yesterday, I got about 75% of the body shell sandblasted, had to quit as I used up all the ceramic nozzels I had. It was getting dark anyway! It looks GREAT as "body in white", as opposed to scabby rust, the remains of the original paint and weld scars. Totally changed the way the tub looks. I have it setting on my utility trailer so as to be able to move it in and out of the shop, and it makes a great work table.

Today I rebuilt both front springs from the '35 Dodge front end that's going under the car. One spring had a busted leaf, which probably explains why it sagged so with the engine and trans in the car. I stole some leaves from the Fords original front end, which is in the scrap pile, and replace the busted one with a similar length Ford leaf, and in the other, I trimmed a longer leaf to the same length, so each spring has one (heavier) Ford leaf in the same spot in the spring pack. Should stiffen up the front end just fine.

I'd post photos, but my wife has both cameras on vacation with her, so I'll put some up of last weekends trip to the Tin Can tourists Spring Meet, with the '46 Manor and '51 Pontiac Tin Woody. We were rewarded for all our hard work with "Best in Show Combination, a nice bonus for all the time spent away from the roadster project!

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