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05-08-2008 05:10 AM Diamond T's arrival
The Diamond T is setting in the driveway. It's amazing to this Michingan boy how nice western sheetmetal can be. There's a little cancer in the running board filler panels below the cab, but no big deal. Everything else is intact, even the paint on the frame rails.

It was repainted once decades ago, there's old lettering on the door that I may try to expose with some ultra fine paper on a block. I did lightly polish the drivers door and fender, it's going to stay as is. No painting, no rechroming. It's too cool just as it sets.

A neighbor who collects MOPARS has an '89 Cummins and 727 from a pickup I'm going to measure, but I'm fairly certain this won't fit under the 201's stubby hood. Meanwhile, I squirted some ATF in the plug holes, and am letting it set awhile and we'll see if it turn over and start.

Between selling the flatbed off it to another guy who wants to build a trailer to haul his Bobcat on, and selling the massive, 5/8" thick, 12x3 aluminum channel bumpers for scrap, I should have enough to buy steel to build the bed or a set of 'glass repo rear fenders, or both, depending on what scrap aluminum is now!

The dirty little guy with his foot on the running board is me, after buffing our '46 Spartan trailer. Messy work, that.

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04-21-2008 07:46 PM New Project, '47 Diamond T!!
I've gotten another project before I'm anywhere near done with the '36, but stars all seemed to align, and I couldn't help it. It's a '47 Diamond T model 201, which is a one ton pickup. It's totally origninal, unrestored, and unmolested.

I don't have possesion of it yet, it's being delivered next week. I'm probably going to rod it, but I have no idea what will fit in the rather tight engine bay other than an SBC. I originally wanted a turbo diesel like a Powerstroke or Cummins, but I don't thing they'll fit easily. I have a low milage 454 in an unused one ton GMC cab and chassis I've had for 25 years, but rumor has it a BBC is no picnic to install either. I'll see when it gets here.

It's from the dry west, and the photos look pretty nice. I'm going to lose the flatbed and either fabricate a box, or see if a late 40's Chev box would look OK. I'm thinking it'd look too much like a Diamond T with a Chev box...

Anyway, here it is!

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04-02-2008 12:07 PM Fordillac Fotographic proof of progress!
I took a couple of photos of the 472 going back together, just to show I really am working on it! This afternoon I'm going to clean up the intake and get it on, get the trans stripped of it's old paint and acid wash the case.

I'll mention, not to brag ('cause it ain't bragg'n if ya done it!) that the car was pictured in Rod&Custom this month. I was thrilled, although I have to admit that looking at it in the magazine made me think, for just a second, that the car maybe should have considered "finished" at that point. Brake lines, gas tank and a couple of other little things could have had it running and (sort of) driveable. I know it's cool now to leave 'em like that, but I was never comfortable with a "beater". Not to say my cars are perfect, but they've always been as good as could do, and as good as I could afford at the time.

This '36 will look nice as finished car, even it's not finished to Ridler status. I'll be happier, won't have to explain the unintitated why it's not painted or had the bodywork completed, and it will stand out from other "rat rod" style cars. They're neat, but just not me. So, there's my philosphy of the day.

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04-01-2008 08:03 PM Slow progress
I haven't done a thing on the '36 for two weeks untill today. We had a week vacation and went to Las Vegas, and I've been working on our travel trailer, a '46 Spartan Manor. Sold the '48 Manor, and now it's a priority to get the '46 done so we can make our first outing.

Tonight I dropped the lifters in the 472, and assembled the valve train. When I got that all done and the rocker pedalstals torqued down, I noticed the old cam on the bench, with the fuel pump eccentric still on it. Darn. So, I loosened up the front cover, tipped it out enough to reach in and get the eccentric on, and put it back together. I'm sure glad I noticed THAT before I started cranking it over and wondered why the fuel pump didn't work!

Anyway, it's slow but progressing a little. We still have some snow, and it's only in the 30's today, so the weather isn't warm enough to paint anything anyway. It'll get done when it gets done!


  [Entry #55]

03-17-2008 12:08 PM A little headway
I put new door latches on the '46 Spartan trailer, finished up the rear door today. I then stole a little time and got the heads on the Caddy 472. I'll retorque them after it warms up a bit, but now the thing isn't quite so much of a pile.

I'm really hoping that by the time I get the trailer all done, the weather will be warm enough to start in on painting and body work for the '36. It should go together pretty fast once I get going, as all the fabrication is done, and the engine is finally together. I picked up the trans the other day too, so all the big ticket items are here, paid for and ready to go!

I pulled the '51 Wagon out last a week or so ago and shot some pics. The snow is mostly gone now, but there are still some snowdrifts behind the shop and in the woods in back. We are ready for a little warm weather!

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