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11-14-2007 06:46 AM Floored
Working on getting the floor in the roadster. Still have to get the area behind the seats, trunk floor and rear wheel houses built. I think I'll need to go get more 20 ga. The shifter, a late 50's outboard motor controller, will mount on the driveshaft tunnel between the seats. It's a cable set up, I'd like to use the throttle lever as a hand throttle, if I can figure out how to hook it up separtely from the pedal.

I was really hesitant to have a hanging pedal and firewall mounted master cyl., but my idea of having it all under the floor won't work. Even with the perimeter frame, there's no room for the trans, exhaust, and pedal assy. That's a '68 Cad master on there now, but I'm thinking a mid 60's GM "fruit jar" single resevior will look OK. I know, the single system isn't exactly the ultimate in safety, but the chances of this thing ever popping a brake line are pretty remote. Like it's ever going to see a salty winter again...

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11-12-2007 05:38 PM Fordillac Photos
Here are a couple of photos, now that I seem to be able to post! I also started a photo album, called, "Fordillac", and have posted some there also.

I love the looks of that (narrowed) MG Midget windshield frame. It fits the lines of the body perfectly, and looks chopped. They are really nice cast posts with extruded top and bottom rails. Should polish up beautifully. Or, I might paint them the body color. We'll see what looks better.


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11-12-2007 05:34 PM Fordillac Project
Hey all,

I've tried a couple of times to post on the project journal, we'll try one more time!

Our new project is a '36 Ford "roadster", built from a cut down Tudor Sedan. The project was inspired by a Thom Taylor "Sketchpad" in "Rod and Custom" magazine back in Oct. of '05. A year ago at the Nat's North in Kazoo, I saw a Studie sedan done in the same style, and the owner/builder said he'd seen the same artwork, and modeled his car after it. On the way home that day, I stopped a neighbors house and bought the ratty '36 he'd had for several years for a whopping 300 bucks.

So far it's up on wheels, '35 Plymouth front end, '93 Caprice wagon rear with posi, 472/400 Turbo '68 Caddy, that's going to get a performance cam, ported heads and an Edlebrock intake and carb. Should be good for about 450 hp and over 600 lb/ft of torque. Fun. This is all on a 2 x 3 tube frame, channeled, full hood, full under the car exhaust. It's coming along pretty well, working on the floor pans and firewall now. I have top bows from an '02 Sebring, and I think I'm the first guy ever to put an MG Midget windshield frame on a '36 Ford. Curved glass. Cool.

The car looks a little different than the "Sketchpad" art, as I started with a 2 door and the drawings were based on a 4 door body, but I think it pretty captures the mood. The car already has an attitude and personality. It certainly will look different than any other '36 Ford at rod runs, something that's pretty hard to do these days. I have a couple buddies who think it shouldn't get any finish bodywork or paint, but I'm not sure I can live with the Rat Rod look. Right now, the plan is for Olive drab green (an old Harley Davidson color from the 30's), but shiney paint, aluminum paneled interior with bomber seats and red leather cushions and door map pockets. Red painted "artillery style" 16's all around with big and littles. I'm torn between blackwalls and wide whites right now, but I have plenty of time to decide. Maybe modern radials, with still big and littles with shaved sidewalls for cheapie wide whites. Even my wife now thinks it looks like it'll actually be a car!

So, that's my new car. It's put my long suffering '59 T'Bird repaint project on hold for another year, and getting the '48 convert and '51 Tin Woody wagon all dirty sharing garage space, but it gives me something to do! Hope you all find it interesting to watch the build!


Oh, I should mention that I'm very impressed with this site, and really like looking thru other journals. Great work, and inspiring.

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