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06-23-2004 12:56 AM More progress...
I have been quite busy at work with customer vehicles, so the progress on the 'sledd has slowed down a bit. I did manage to fab up the small pieces of metal that are capping off the front turn signal housings for the grille assembly. Anyone who has seen a stock '54 Ford grille knows the factory used some wraparound end caps between the grille's turn signal housings and the fenders. I did'nt like these, and they are too far gone to save, so I'm gonna fill where they were and have a 'floating' grille instead. Sorta cleans up the look of the grille area a bit too, to me, the stock parts looked like 'add-ons'.

I have also filled all the trim holes and latch holes in the stock trunk lid, and smoothed it out a bunch before shoting more gray sealer on it. Looks a ton better now, and the hinges will be getting stronger springs to counterbalance the weight, and a power window actuator will raise and lower the lid, so no latch is needed anyways.

I also got all the surface rust stripped from the passenger door and shot that up with sealer. Amazing how muich nicer everything looks when the surface rust is gone... 8^D

More entries and pics to follow...


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06-16-2004 02:23 AM Photos are here!
Thought I would get them uploaded to my Gallery space, and let everyone check them out. There are the most recent pics of the progress on the Kustomsledd (I have been VERY busy on this lately...), some pics of my daily rider Kawie 750 that I repainted, and a shot of the paint on the '75 Kawie H1F chopper project. Enjoy!

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05-10-2004 01:47 AM Powertrain freshening...
Started in a few days ago with pulling the engine and trans. I currently have the trans work done, I put in a B&M shift kit, and added a deep sump cooler pan. I then fired up the Sawzall and the grinder, and got rid of all the little 'ears' on the outside of the trans case, and smoothed out the casting seams. After a bit of sanding, and a couple coats of red oxide primer, I mixed up a batch of "Hot Rod Yellow" and shot the whole trans with a couple glossy coats. It's not perfect but looks a lot better than 'dirty and crusty' like it used to be.

I also found some time yesterday while dodging raindrops to fire up the torch and get rid of the original 6-cylinder mounts on the '54 engine crossmember, and also to cut the notch into the crossmember tube for the starter to clear properly. I'll fab up a quarter-round piece to weld into the crossmember so as not to lose strength.

Sorry no more pics yet, I have been taking them, just have no way to get them from my personal PC onto this one I am using for Internet. I need to pick up some floppies and try to transfer the pics that way, my PC has a bad networking card...

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04-15-2004 12:09 AM Kustomsledd project journal
See the Project of the Week entry on the Kustomsledd at ...

I recently started back in on getting the body and paintwork done on the '54 Ford 'Kustomsledd' project. I started in on the stock hood.
I had to make up a new piece of 16 Ga sheet to repair the rotted out 'bullnose' front peak of the hood, just below where the stock Ford crest would go. To smooth it out some more, I made the filler piece tall enough to eliminate the crest mounting holes. I also filled some minor dings and ripples after metalworking out all damage I could reach.
I still plan to fill the 2 small holes at the upper front hood peak, where the stock 'jet airplane' hood ornament goes, and also fill the original windshield squirter hole at the rear center of the hood.

Very little plastic filler was used, partly because of careful use of the MIG when tacking in the patches, and partly because of metalworking out all the minor dings. Of course, with these older pieces of sheet you have to hit quite a bit harder with the hammers and dollies, simply because of the thicker metal used. I would suggest anyone wanting to learn metalshaping repair practice on a late model car, simply because thinner sheet is a lot easier to get the dents out. Once you learn to hit where you are aiming with a pick hammer, consistently, then step up to the older sheetmetal, where it needs to be hit harder just to do the necessary forming. I still practice on late model sheetmetal.

Once all the metal was sanded clean I hit it with Ospho to neutralize any rust in the metal surface, then filled and primed over that. I have decided after doing the priming that the 3 remaining stock holes need to be gone, but it'll be easy to get rid of them with the MIG.

No recent pics tonight, I'll shoot a few and get them up shortly.

I also have 2 new front 2600# airbags ordered for the front suspension, as soon as they get here I'll be blowing that all apart (haha) and highlight a front airbag install.

After that I need to pull and reseal/detail the engine/trans, and do all the firewall prep and paint. My old Caddy leaks some oil out of the valvecover gaskets, and both crank seals are also dripping a bit. I'll get pics of these operations as well.

The plan is to get it all back together enough to drive it to Indy in June for the GoodGuys show, hopefully with a fresh paint job.

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