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11-09-2009 12:20 PM Upper P/S bracket made
I finally procured some 3/16 steel and had time to carve my own upper bracket. Now i can use my Saginaw Metric pump on this engine. I still may have some line up issues, but they are ALOT better now. Here is the pic of the stock bracket on top and mine on the bottom.

(click photo to enlarge)
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10-04-2009 10:27 AM P/S pump mounting---an act in fustration
Well, a bit ago, i purchased a set of P/S brackets and single groove pulley off of Egag. I had decided since my pump was good and already a saginaw pump (same as the stock big block chevy pump), that i would use it. This so far has been an act of fustration that i still haven't got figured out.

First off, while maybe obvious to others, i had to figure out how this stuff went on. Some help on the net helped with that. Then came mounting the top bracket to the pump. Problem two is that the newer pumps are not designed anything like the older pumps. This neccesitated adding washers to space the bracket out from the pump. Then i had to swap a stud in the back from one whole to another. Ok, now where ready to bolt it up---err, maybe.

Mounting the pump i realized the older pump must also be thicker in width than the newer style ones, so now i have to take up play in there somehow too, while maintaing belt alignment. I also have realized the lower pump bracket is not allowing the pump to sit square to the engine---and i thought this was going to be easy, LOL.

So right about now i am thinking i need to make my own uper bracket so i can shed the spacers and washers, and i may have to tweak or maybe even slice and dice the bottom bracket to get the pump to sit straght on the motor. I have been using some paint sticks across the tops of the pulleys to check for straightness, the sight right down in the grooves of the pulleys and work well.

And to answer any questions or shall i say the obvious question, no i dont have the original style GM pump to go with this motor. on to the pics...

(click photo to enlarge)

(click photo to enlarge)
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08-12-2009 09:16 PM Alternator mounting
So while i tried to over complicate the GM alternator to the Dodge truck wiring, i thought...... why do i need to used the GM alternator, i can just use the Dodge one.

With that came the mounting. I hate the ugly look of an alternator sticking high in the air--as it does on most GM stuff. So i decided to lower it some. First step, see what worked as to where i could mount it. I found a lower bolt boss in the head to be suitable for the lower mount. Problem was it was a 7/16" hole and the alternator had a 3/8" hole inside the steel bushing pressed into the alternator. I didnt want to chance drilling the bushing as i feared it would get to thin. So i took a 7/16" bolt, and a long 3/8 bolt and welded the heads together carefully. Problem solved.

Now for the top mount. I found an old adjuster bracket in the garage. Bolted that to the alternator and looked to see what was closest around i could bolt to. I found another 7/16" boss on the intake side of the front of the head. So i used some threaded 7/16"rod as a stud, a piece of 1/2" steel pipe, and found some copper tubing to slide inside to bush the inside to the right size of 7/16" I trimed the adjuster bracket to size, and tacked it to the tubing, then removed and fully welded and ground smooth--and added the lightening holes, just because i can.

All thats left to do is add a front support onto the stud, this will go from a boss on the waterpump to the stud itself, its just a piece of steel flatstock with two holes in it, i made one already but its a bit off on my hole spacing so i have to make another. Enjoy the pics.

(click photo to enlarge)

(click photo to enlarge)

(click photo to enlarge)
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08-09-2009 07:28 AM Rt side header installed
Well, it took me a bit to get to this, but the right header is now installed. It was not anywhere near as easy as the left side. After starting with some similar cuts on the top of the frame rail as i had done to the left side, and it still did not drop in--Uh-Oh.

Well, i spent the better part of an hour messing with it only to discover the only way it was going to fit was to cut the top of the rail to half its width. My feeling is that even without any reinforcement it would be fine, but once i pull the mock up engine out, i will box the frame in anyhow. It still needs to be trimmed up nicer, but its in, now onto whatever part needs to be done next....

(click photo to enlarge)

(click photo to enlarge)

(click photo to enlarge)
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08-04-2009 04:43 PM New intake
OK, its a new to me intake, not brand new as the title might imply. Anyhow, last night i picked up a used Edelbrock performer intake for my 454 from a local Craigslist ad. It was already beadblasted and someone did put heli-coils in the wider Holley flange---which is fine with me as they are stronger---and it looks like they actually put them in right too. Soooo for less than half of a new one, i picked it up--$75

I decided to sneak out to the garage before work and slap it on to the mock up motor, i noted that compared to the stock truck intake, it sits about 2 1/4" taller. I also noted as i had heard on the net the ports are closer to the peanut ports rather than the large ovals. I don't know for sure yet if they are indeed the same as the peanuts, but they are certainly closer to that side of things---just in case anyone was wondering. Its also 30 lbs lighter than the stock cast iron one---15 lbs vs 45 lbs.

So here are a few pics, hopefully next up is the install of the right side header, i just haven't had time since my last posting to do so.

(click photo to enlarge)

(click photo to enlarge)
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