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09-13-2011 09:07 PM I HATE BONDO
I'd like to have some words with the idiot that felt that they needed to cover the rear panel of the cab with at least an eighth inch of filler. It seems like the farther down I went on the cab, the thicker it got. Nice thing is, there is solid metal behind it. Yeah it was dented up a bit, but it could have been smoothed out with a lot less filler. I guess the previous person was a sculptor. Maybe this will help me remember that less is better as I apply filler in the future.

I still think I'm doing the right thing by taking it down to bare metal as much as I can. I think it will look better in the long run. I'm getting sick of sanding and I'm going through 80 grit disc rather quick. I'm glad a friend recommended using an electric hand orbital sander instead of a DA for this work. I would have worn that thing out already. I want to save it for doing the finish work.

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09-13-2011 09:07 AM Something I'm considering....
Unfortunately someone tossed away the inside roof panels. My guess it was whoever did the chopping. I have a feeling they will be a challenge to find and when I do so, they are going to cost me.

Something I'm thinking about doing is making my own out of fiberglass. I figure I can use the outside of the truck as a plug and cut the panels down to fit inside. It won't be a perfect match to the original (because the corner radius will be bigger), but I think it will work. I will need to cut the window section of this new panel and use it as a mold (since it needs to be reversed).

If I'm going this far, I wonder if I might go ahead and make myself a whole fiberglass headliner? Maybe I can find someone who has that front visor panel that will let me make a mold off of it. I think it would look cool to have a one-piece inner cab.

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09-13-2011 08:21 AM Time to do some sanding
Well it was finally in the garage and I was just dying to do a little sanding. Well once you get's hard to stop. So I ended up sanding half the top down to bare metal. Unfortunately one of the previous owner used about 3 layers of bondo on the roof (about 1/8th in thick), so it took a little work. The roof actually didn't look too bad when I got it all off. Nice thing is that we are installing a 20x30 ragtop sunroof in it, so I won't have to mess with the bulk of that roof. I'm going to make a steel subframe to go around the opening. I feel this will help it hold it's proper shape and give me fixed point to shape the rest of the roof to. The passenger side has a nasty hump in it from a bad chop. It's going to take a bit of heat and banging to get it re-shaped. I think I'm going to make a gauge off the driver's side to try to keep it somewhat uniform.

I can't wait to go home tonight to do more sanding. I'm hoping to finish stripping the driver's side down. I want to take some half & half pictures. It won't be long until it's time to finish the door tops so I can cut those doors back off the car. I can't wait to be able to sit inside.

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09-13-2011 08:05 AM Finally in the garage
Well I finally got enough space cleared in the garage to bring the cab inside. Now maybe the notes on the windshield with offers to buy it will stop. Wish someone would buy the 51 cab. I'd like to get it out of the garage.

I fashioned a wooden dolly for the cab to sit on so I can easily move it around. The boy and I pushed the truck up into the garage and hoisted the cab with a ratchet strap through the rafters. Unfortunately it did not lift it high enough to clear the front tires. With a little man-handling we were able to get the frame back out of the garage. Only negative thing about using ratchet straps are that they release real quick. No harm done. It dropped rather close to where I wanted it on the dolly.

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08-24-2011 09:22 AM The engine is ready for storage
After a couple months of soaking, I've found time to finally finish taking the 305 apart. I was very concerned about it when I found ut there was water in #1 & #2. Soaking them in PB Blaster for over a month worked out. They cleaned up pretty nice. Looks like we might just be able to hone it out. Waiting to have someone gauge them to decide if we are going to progress forward with this block.

It was actually rather fun breaking this thing down. I went from a huge bundle of greasy metal to a couple shelves of parts. If things work out, we'll rebuild it over the winter.

Now the next project. Break down the truck bed to put it in storage. Then I need to build a dolly for the cab to sit on so we can work on it in the garage. Then I can let my boy loose on it with a sander. Then it might feel we are doing something with this project. Also ordered another door top so we can finish the chop job someone else started. Noticed the driver's a-pillar needs to be pushed forward a bit to fix the door gaps. I need to figure out how we are going to do that without messing up any of the other gaps.

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