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06-10-2013 11:50 PM Bondo oh no!
Well today I decided to start sanding down the body to move forward towards body work etc.
So with an angle grinder and a flap disk. Unfortunately I found the mother load of bondo.
I swear, whomever did the former bodywork on this dented quarter panel, had a 55 gallon drum of bondo.
I think there was more polyester in this repair than all the polyester used in all the suits made in the 70's!

None the less I got it all down to bare metal and we will see what the next panel brings..

  [Entry #17]

06-07-2013 03:20 AM Long time but on the move!
Well the rambler sat in the same spot in the driveway all winter long.

Summer is here and I have been motivated. Got it insured so I have an excuse to get it on the road, like I needed an excuse... I started by patching the gas filler vent hole. Found a great product with fiberglass and fuel safe resin. Patched it and issue done. Next I spent 9 hours working on the fuel filler neck and got that completed. I CAN PUT GAS IN IT!!!!! That was two days ago.

I took it out for a drive after filling a flat tire to the tire shop only to find out it had a bad tube. Out of cash I just brought it back home. Bummed about the tire and realizing while driving that the idle circuit in the carb was not functioning, that became my next job.

Tonight I pulled the carb, tore it apart, went through it cleaning everything and reassembled. I did not have a carb kit so I just went carefully with all the gaskets and such. After adjusting the float twice because of the stupid electric fuel pump, I started adjusting the idle, choke, and idle mix. After futzing with it for a while I got it to purrr.

So I noticed that the glass Holley fuel bowl has a bad gasket. The old cork is hard. Luckily, I have some cork gasket material in the garage and I will do that job tomorrow.

I now reak of gasoline and carb cleaner and old gas, so it's off to the shower. Wife was none to please with my odoriferous emanations. I wanted to tell her it was the smell of victory, but I assume she would have just laughed me out of the room.

Photos of progress tomorrow.

Man I gotta find something to trade to get a pair of tires, mounting, and balancing so that's on the list for tomorrow too.

Oh on my outing I also realized the front brakes don't work so I have a master cylinder kit coming.

  [Entry #16]

10-20-2012 06:45 PM rain and pain
Well the rain has come and my numerous injuries are screaming at me, knees, back, etc. I picked up some cork gasket for the filler tube flange. Pain is mainly keeping me from progress.

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10-16-2012 10:16 PM cut and collected
today I took the metal filler tube I had bent at the exhaust shop the other day
to a friends fabrication shop where he cut it to fit what I needed. I also got a piece of sheet metal to make my flange with. I abandon the thought of silicone elbows in favor of a 2 piece metal pipe with 2 Street sections of gas rubber tubing 1 connecting to the tank and 1 connecting 2 halves of the pipe together. the split in the pipe requiring the extra piece of rubber tubing is necessary because the cavity that the pipe travels through will not allowed be completed pipe to be pushed through it. tomorrow I will start the mockup process and find out what I just meant I need to make an will start trimming the flange plate.

(click photo to enlarge)
  [Entry #14]

10-15-2012 05:48 PM gas filler stage 1
Got some birthday money in the mail today, headed to the muffler shop and had filler tube bent to match factory rubber tube. Cost $12. Next I will cut to fit, add flange, add hose couplers.

(click photo to enlarge)
  [Entry #13]

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