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06-25-2015 09:18 AM we have ignition and lift off
I found the gremlin I've been chasing for months.
With a matched ignition coil, the car ran like a banshee all four runs.
Looks like 14.50 is the dial for Good Guys. I'll hit one more T&T next week,
but i'm not touching it. 4500 at the finish line-- close enough.
Maybe later I'll try smaller tires.
I think the two 14.6's, I didn't have my foot mashed to the wall.
One run they put me up against a big tire guy, even though I left on him,
he was so dam loud I couldn't hear my car run. He was hauling the mail!
Thats the first double 0 light i've had in a cage I think.

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  [Entry #234]

06-22-2015 06:01 PM goes to show ya
If you through enough money at it you can fix anything.
So I installed the recommended $60 coil.
Woof what a difference. Sounds like a Mustang with Borla exhaust.
Runs cooler and more power. Headed for test n tune Wed.

  [Entry #233]

06-21-2015 02:20 PM the latest saga
ran the car in traffic in hot weather.
Got up to 200f and 210, but drops right back down
with movement. That was with only two fans running,
not hot enough to hurt anything but concerning.
Last week I wasn't paying attention and it ran out of gas in the drive way.
When it started it wouldn't run under 2,000 RPM. Thought for sure it was dirt in the carb.
Went throught it- blew out the idle passages, new float valves.
Put it on this morning- same dam thing. When it shuts down it spits up through the carb. Soaks the plugs.
Compresions good , wires arent crossed dist hasn't moved - could it be the coil?
Through on an old coil and we're off to the races.
%%$#$@^*&^& oh well.
crossing my fingers it'll last till July 24th good guy drags.

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  [Entry #232]

06-15-2015 10:50 PM AZZ deep
In wiring , It appears that some relays (rated the same) are more equal than others.
Too bad thats not true. The part about the rating I mean.
Melted a wire from the Ign. through a stuck relay to a fan.
But only till it burnt through a ground wire. *&^%$$#&^^&())()((*&^%%@#W.!!!!!
Oh ya, the fan is still good.
How ever there is hope, I'm getting more practice wiring and fuse placement.
I see a painless system in my future this winter.
Hey boys and girls don't skip the part about fuses, it's an important chapter.
Learned it when I was young, now I can't spell it. FUZE THAT IS.

  [Entry #231]

06-13-2015 09:36 PM NO PICTURE
Wiring nightmares no pics of this mess.
Wish I could say I hired some one to do it.
Do not wire three way switches to cut neg. to accessories.
I'll be back!

  [Entry #230]

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