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09-01-2006 05:26 PM Reflooring The Bed Pt. 2

Pic. 1 : From this point I measured the gap in the middle and pulled all the boards back up. I could've ripped a board to fit the gap, but I didn't want a narrow one in the middle of the bed. So I ripped the outside edge off each of the outside 1x6's and made them a little narrower instead. It's not very noticeable with the angle iron trim on it LOL.

Pic. 2 : With all the boards fitting finally I laid out the holes for the screws and drilled them. The screws I have are wood screws and they strip out before pulling the countersink into the wood so I just have them started down to the countersink to keep the lumber in place. Now I need to remember to get some fasteners that will work.

Pic. 3 : After pulling the truck out into the driveway I applied some Thompson's waterproofing to it. It turned out OK for a driver I think. I realized while I was doing this that once you get one part looking a little better you just want to keep on. And not helping anything is my wife, she's been hinting for me to paint the truck for my test subject before doing her '41,,

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09-01-2006 05:03 PM Reflooring The Bed Pt. 1

Pic. 1 : The goal this weekend is to put a new bed in the truck. Pic 1 shows adding a couple of braces for support, there wasn't enough under the plywood to suit me. I decided to use 1x6's to floor it and there was no brace at all in the front to support the front end of the boards.

Pic. 2 : Along the inside of the bed on both sides is a piece of 1" angle iron welded in so the flooring has to slide up under it. Here's my spacer to hold things in place while I tack the new angle iron support in place.

pic. 3 : Starting to fit the floor in. The lumber is just pine 1x6's, most were pretty straight but some had some bows in it so I wanted to do a full test fit and swap boards around a little to find the best fit.

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  [Entry #97]

09-01-2006 04:36 PM Back On The '47 Dodge P/U

Pic. 1 : I started the day with the intention of getting the dash lights to work and really didn't know if there were any in the gauges so I pulled the dash panel out. Well the lights were there and the wiring all traced out to be connected, so I got the voltmeter out and verified there was no power,,,, then it hit me to try turning the headlight switch,,, I bet you can figure out what happened next :>),,,,,,

Pic. 2 : Last weekend I tore out the old plywood bed and washed as much under it as I could, here's a "before" and after pic, I just used some rustloeum rattle can paint. The intention is to just protect it some for awhile, until I get the '41 running and can put more time into this.

Pic. 3 : Added seat belts,,,

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08-06-2006 12:05 PM Drivers Door Latch, Plywood Bed Gone

Pic 1. The door latch assembly, after getting it out I found out it has 2 broke springs and is pretty well worn out IMO. I did get it where it will latch and hold the door closed, but not to a point that I'd trust it while driving (the "Georgia latches" are still there for backup, LOL,,) I also greased the window regulator while I had it opened, the window is alot smoother now too,,, Now I need to decide what do about some latches,,,,

Pic 2. I hope to replace the plywood bed in the next couple of weeks, so I went ahead and busted out the old sheet of plywood.

Pic 3. After spraying the frame and running gear with a home brew mix of dish washing detergent and Mr Clean and rinsing with a hose. Most of the dirt was just the very fine powder of these country roads, it's almost like talcum powder.

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  [Entry #95]

08-06-2006 11:34 AM Front suspension Pt. 2

Pic 1: Going back together with the drivers side. Now I have my "new" spring compressor to use, consisting of the lower part of a Harbor Freight inside spring compressor, half of a 48" length of 1/2" all thread with a nut welded on one end, and a couple of washers and nuts. The "new" springs are the stockers off my '01 camaro.

Pic. 2: No wonder it sat so low, these are the old springs out of it, the blue one was on the passenger side.

Pic. 3 New ride height,, now the front steering linkage won't drag in the driveway, LOL,,, still needs a good alignment tho',, LOL

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  [Entry #94]

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