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06-11-2013 08:19 PM bwaahhaahahaaahhaa
So I got the truck running! I would later find out that I didn't have the throttle linkage adjusted properly, so this burnout is just on the primary barrels of the spreadbore Q-jet!

Now that I got the linkage sorted and am actually hitting WOT...HOLY SHEET Batman! It flattens the eyeballs!

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05-20-2013 10:22 PM Test Drive (finally)!
May 16, 2013: I drive the truck again. It has been a decade since it last moved under its own power. What a day to remember!

I started out with 20 of base timing. Then I tried 24 and what a difference that made! Next I tried 26 and it was a little hard to start and I didn't notice any seat of the pants power increase, so I backed it back down to 24. I was able to tell the total timing was 33-34, but without a helper to read the tach I have no idea when its all in by.

I tried to run the vacuum advance on a ported source on the carb, but it didn't like that. So I removed it. Shortly after that, the engine started making a rattling noise. I wasn't sure if it was detonation...I hadn't noticed that at all during the day. So I pulled over in front of a random house in the neighborhood and an old man popped out right away, "May I be of assistance?". Nice old man, we chatted for a long time. He told me stories of his yesteryear and all the cars he drove and raced on the drag strip. An old gear head, what are the odds?

Anyway, I was so afraid I would have to tear apart the motor because piston/valve, piston/head, rod bearing, etc. Turns out the poly lock backed off intake rocker #5. After relashing, the motor is good to go!

Also note to self, a plug wire burned up on the header pipe of cyl #5. Arg.

Here is a pretty sweet burn out video of me in the truck! I love it! I worked so hard researching, sweating the details, choosing parts, spending money wisely, and sometimes not so wisely (this is my first motor after all), building, tearing down, refitting, etc...

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05-20-2013 10:13 PM All roads lead to Rome
I have a vintage Borg Warner Super T-10 sitting my work bench again.

The very first thing I worked on when I began working on this truck in 2005 was to rebuild the transmission. Now that it is leaking, I had to yank it again (I love this task). I was not looking forward to dealing with the counter shaft and 112 needle bearings, etc. I was sure the bearing mid plate gaskets were leaking. Turns out I was completely wrong it it was a missing alignment dowel pin! I found it in my little baggie of old needle bearings from back in 2005. It sure does pay to keep your old parts!

Here is the thread I posted on the subject:

(click photo to enlarge)
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05-20-2013 10:07 PM Cam Break in
The big day finally came (May 4, 2013)! Time to breathe some life into this iron. Surprisingly the engine fired up with in a few seconds of cranking and ran like a champ.

Problem #1
After a few minutes my helper noticed gasoline pouring from the seam of the fuel pump. Fortunately I had an extra pump on hand. Got the new pump installed after fiddling with the pump pushrod for an eternity and fired it back up.

Problem #2
Now there is a fuel leak at the flared fuel line at the fuel pump. Retighten.

Problem #3
Now there is a fuel leak at the flared fuel line at the carb. Retighten. Still leaks. So we replace with a few stubs at the pump and carb and connect with rubber hose.

Problem #4
Are you kidding me? Still have a small leak at the carb! Leak is small enough that we set a rag under it and continue with break in.

Problem #5
Loud screeching terrible scary noise emits from engine bay. Panic sets in! After some investigation it turns out the power steering pump was way low on fluid. I installed a new steering gear and pump and did my best to pre-prime it by hand. Note to self, there is over a quart in the system now!

Problem #6
My helper notices the transmission is spewing copious amounts of oil on the ground. We ignore this and continue with the break in. Later on I would pull the transmission (again #$*&@! and find that I forgot to install an alignment dowel pin in the bearing midplate).

Problem #7
Due to the transmission issue I didn't get to drive the truck.

Picture explanations:
Can you imagine the fortune cookie message! I got that dinner the night before the break in!
Let it be forever documented here at the mileage at the rebuild lest I forget someday.
I saw a lot of this tachometer during break in.

(click photo to enlarge)

(click photo to enlarge)

(click photo to enlarge)
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12-07-2012 11:07 AM Light at the end of the tunnel
I got the pulleys and fan sandblasted and painted and they look dang good! Also check out that new power steering box (hubba hubba!). And now comes the moment I have been waiting for forever! The engine goes back into the truck! Thanks to my daughter for helping out!

(click photo to enlarge)

(click photo to enlarge)

(click photo to enlarge)

(click photo to enlarge)

(click photo to enlarge)
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