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11-18-2013 05:31 PM '64 hood
Two Sundays ago I sold my '63 hood, which has been on the car since I bought it. I bought a '64 hood about eight years ago to replace it. You know the story. Life gets in the way and you don't get to do things as quickly as you'd hoped.

The guy who bought my hood was nice enough to help me put the new one on. So far the only problem I'm having is getting it aligned to where the back doesn't stick up.

I've contacted one of the Nova forums I belong to as well as the Facebook page and I've taken their advice and tried what they told me to do. It's just not working.

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10-28-2013 06:08 PM Shut off switch
Where has the time gone?

Well since my last post I've moved into a house with a garage with my girlfriend 6 months ago. Since then, things have been quite busy around here but I did manage to deal with an ongoing issue on the wagon that's been bugging me.

My car has a electrical drain somewhere and if left alone for a few weeks will eventually kill the battery. I had a bolt-type disconnect that worked but only if the threads were aligned and it usually took a few tries to get it right. I found a racing type disconnect switch on Ebay and found a random weekend to install it.

I work at an electrical company sorting through the pieces that come back from completed jobs and someone tossed out a deep octagon box. I grabbed it and used it to mount under my battery tray. I painted it a flat black so you can't hardly see it.

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09-16-2012 11:49 PM Taking a short break
The last two weekends I decided I was not going to work on the wagon. Last weekend was our chapter Inliner's picnic and this weekend I decided to fix some little things on the truck.

The week before last I stopped at the store on the way home from work. I backed into the parking spot, which I don't normally do. As I was walking back to leave I noticed something hanging down making contact with the ground under the truck. I opened the hood and discovered it was the vacuum advance line hanging from the distributor.

I was going to hook it back up to the carb but there was no place to connect it to. Puzzled, I had a friend look at it and he said the barb connector on the carb had fallen out. Sure enough I found a tiny hole where it would have gone. I got three spare carbs with the truck when I bought it. Kevin said to bring him the best one and we'd rebuild it and use it.

This afternoon I had a look at the three carbs. Two were Holley 1920s and the other was a Carter BBS, like the one on the truck. I looked at the barb fitting on the BBS and wondered if I could just pull it out and just put it in the working carb. I got a pair of pliers and with little effort it came right out.

I cleaned out the port with a Q-tip and used a little red Permatex to seal it in place. I picked up a new vacuum line at O'Rielley's and the job was finished.

I have an oil bath air filter that I've been wanting to replace with a conventional paper filter. In my two 5 gallon buckets of spare parts was a 1bbl air filter housing. I ground off the old paint, primed it and painted it wrinkle finish black.

It was now 5pm and not warm enough for the paint to form wrinkles. I got out my girlfriend's hair dryer and used it to heat the paint but that didn't work. I brought it inside and put the housing in my gas oven. It has a pilot light so it's stays a little warm in there. Within about 5 minutes the wrinkles were starting to form. My girlfriend had come over so we went out for dinner. When I came back the finish was about perfect.

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09-03-2012 11:58 PM Continuing on
Labor Day weekend. I spent two days working on the bodywork. The front driver's side door is about half done. I still need to treat the rust and figure out what to fill the holes with.

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08-07-2012 10:28 PM More progress and some regress
I've been chipping away slowly as I get time to work on it. Summer is busy and this year it's been very.
I've decided to go with another driver's side fender. This one has a little less rust and no hole on the top. The red paint has to come off first so I stripped out the hard to reach areas first. Right now it's on the car make it a little easier to do some bodywork and get the rest of the paint off.

Two weekends ago I got a notice that my rent was going up. My rent now equals my paycheck. I figure I have another year here. I put most of the stuff I took off back on in case I needed to drive it out of here.

Last month I had to replace the battery since it wasn't holding a charge. Part of that was my fault for not disconnecting it while it sat. Battery prices have gone up since the last time I bought one. The last one was about $75. The new one was $115 . Ouch! I've since installed a disconnect.

The pic shows the last of the red paint on the side. I've since ground it off.

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