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10-27-2004 10:53 PM Some pics
Borrowed dads digital camera and have some pics of my caddy. The first pic shows some rust repair I did in the second entry. I know it looks like crap, but it is just a temporary fix until I can get in there and do the job right.

The second one shows were the oil dipstick comes out. Whoever decided to put it there needs to be beaten. Also shows where I am getting some oil leaking. it smokes pretty good there. Looks like I will need to put in some valve cover gaskets.

The third one I uploaded by accident, but it is an underhood shot of the hood bumper on the driver's side.

I will be uploading more photos to the album.

(click photo to enlarge)

(click photo to enlarge)

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10-12-2004 09:04 PM A little more done, alot more to do
It has rained alot and was misting so I did not get as much done as I would have liked. But I made some minor progress.

I finished the oil change, was surprised when it only took a little over 4 quarts to fill up the caddy. It actually uses almost the exact same amount as my PT crusier if not a little less. I would also like to somplain to the enginer who thought it was a good idea to have the dip stick go right through the exhaust manifold. You about get branded when the car is warmed up.

I also replaced alot of the fuses. Need to get some more as I did not have enough of the smaller ones. I used up an entire container of 25 amp fuses. I need to put in about 4-6 more to totally replace the old fuses. I replaced the one that the power antenna operates off of and the antenna still does not move. Did not feel like tracing it beyond that point. Besides I left my multimeter at home. Power door locks still do not work. I did not want to tear into the door, so I left it as is for now. The keys work and it is only a two door so it is not a big issue yet.

I used some carb cleaner on the carb and it cleaned up real good. The gunk built up on the top is pretty much gone. Looks much neater now. Still idles ok. One thing I hate is the swinging post that the air filter cover has to bolt down to. I am thinking of replacing the entire air cleaner assembly when funds allow.

I have the table for working on the transmissions mostly completed and have been degreasing the switch pitch with simple green and elbow grease. It is slow going but the tranny is looking better. The table is at just the right height so I don't have to bend over while cleaning the tranny. I have a piece of 3/4 inch plywood to put the other transmission on once I get it pulled.

I need it to stay dry so the ground can dry out and not rain next tuesday so i can hopefully pull the transmission then. The soil is real wet and the jack stands I had left under the car had shifted. SO I had to move them around today and reposition things so it would be safe under the car. The floor jack sunk a little into the ground when lifting the car. May have to get some plywood to put under the jacks to keep them from sinking. I also need to figure out how much clearance I will need.

One final thing I accomplished was testing the antifreeze, and it tested out good. Also it had little to no rust in it so I feel good about that.

To do this week, clean the transmission. I need to work on my plan for a transmission jack attachement for my smaller floor jack. I need to find out what tools I need to pull the window trim so I can finish removing the vinyl top and work on the rust repair.

Right now I am going to work some more on cleaning the switch pitch. I am still debating if I should pull it apart and switch the tailshafts with the one in the coupe deville or just get a new driveshaft made. The third option is to just rebuild the th400 in the caddy and save the switch pitch for something else. The first option is the cheapest.

I will add some more pictures as soon as I can. I may borrow my dad's digital to take pictures of the caddy.

  [Entry #3]

10-07-2004 11:32 PM A little work done
I worked on the coupe for about 4 hours Tuesday evening. Till it got too dark to work. I have pictures and will post them once they get developed.

I drained the oil and tried to pop the filter off with the old screw driver trick. That trick did not work so I know have the right size end wrench. I have never been very fond of the metal loop style wrenches. And the only one of those I have I did not take with me to my sister's house where the car is. The oil was good and black.

I took a little new oil and oiled the hood latch, but the cable is not working still. I may improvise a temporary latch up front, but I am getting quick at popping the hood with a flat head screw driver.

The biggest thing I got done this week was to pull off the vinyl top. There is still a little of the top around the rear windows. But most of it is gone. The rust is not as bad as I feared. Though for not being rusted through it is pretty bad where it is at. The worst of the rust is behind the rear seat windows. Down around the bottom of what used to be the vinyl top. I used a wire brush, brought a drill and rust removal discs, but did not have enough cord. I will bring some more cord next time. Well anyway I brushed off what I could on the driver's side and used brush on rust converter. That was kind of pointless since I still really need to sand it down some more, but it should keep things from getting worse. I need to pop the window trim and get all the vinyl off and the rust near the window openings. One negative is I found some bondo up above the front part of the rear windows. It is about the same place on each side. And it is decently thick. At least where I cut into it to see how thick it was.

I also got the belt than ran the power steering off of the fan hub. Not without it drawing blood. Even standing still the fan blade was sharp.

I may try and finish the oil change this week. But overall I am done for the week as I work Thursday through Monday.

Next week I plan to go through the fuse box and replace any fuses that need it. I also want to finish some of the rust repair on the roof. I will also probably start some of the work to get ready to drop the transmission. But I don't think I will drop it for a couple of weeks(I want to have everything ready to work on it which I will not have for two weeks). I will replace the hot air intake riser tube. May check the spark plugs. But my plan is to replace those and the wires in two weeks. Along with all the belts.

Currently I am looking at having the caddy running before Christmas. That assumes there are no major surprises in store for me.

  [Entry #2]

09-29-2004 12:34 AM 74 Coupe Deville
Got the 74 parked where I can work on it.

Motor runs good
Body solid
Ok interior.
Tough bird, I am surprised we did not dent it getting it in the backyard.

Tranny needs replacement
Power steering out
Rust under vinyl top
Minor heat/ac issues
Power locks don't really work.
Needs a little rust repair and paint on hood.
Hood latch is a problem.

Middle of the road:
Power windows work but need a little work to work smoothly.
Paint is mostly good, but faded some.

Putting in a switch pitch transmission, also put new filter in the switch pitch.
New belt for power steer and check other belts.
Oil change.
Replace bad fuses.
Degrease engine.
Remove un-needed emissions equipment as it is not required in this state.
Replace bad headlight bulbs.
After tax time, I am going to get a new windshield.
Pull vinyl top and repair rust.
New carpet.

Basically I need to get into a driveable state before I start working on mods. Basically a tune up and what ever else I notice needs repair to make the caddy driveable.

Future mods:
Gauges to replace idiot lights probably 3-4 small ones replacing the ash tray and lighter.
Adding a tach.
New stereo.
Edelbrock intake.
Better ignition system.
Recover front seat.
Dual Exhaust.

Alot depends on what I notice once I get it driveable. I will probably replace the ignition before I replace the intake. But alot of that kind of thing depends on what I can get a hold of for cheap.

My goal is to have the caddy up, running and cruising by april 30th, my birthday. Except for maybe the paint. And if I go into the national guard that may change.

(click photo to enlarge)

(click photo to enlarge)

(click photo to enlarge)
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