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03-11-2008 11:02 AM Getting closer!
When i started this journal, i had 2 years of school left (that was in 2006), so i can safely say i am nearing the end! Not too much longer and i will not be restricted financially and i should have a couple months to get things started with this. I look at this car almost every day, and it sits there. I get a sick feeling every time i see it and know that it does not run...i have to do something with this SOON!

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08-02-2007 07:35 PM Good News!
I sold my DD, and bought a older used yj jeep. This gets me into a car payment for a 1 and a couple months, instead of another 3 years. Also the payment is 3/4 of what my other payment was, so needless too say there is extra money for the project now. I also gained employment from a gentlemen that appraises and inspects classics, and customs so i have a great resource for this car as well.

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06-28-2007 07:32 AM add-on
I forgot to add that i will also need to repair the gauges. I have no fuel, tack, or speedo. I only have the aftermarket oil, water, and amp gauge that i installed below the dash near the glovebox. This is one item i know nothing about, so i will be doing alot of research.

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06-28-2007 06:57 AM The game plan
Here it is, i have had a few hours to put together the "order of operation"

This list is assembled in a way so that the most important things are taken care of first. And items importance is valued at how much it affects the drivability and safety of the car.

1) Remove and inspect starter, and clean batt. connections/possibly replace cables. It has a funny way of not starting, its hit and miss. And seeing as it has been sitting for about a year and half, i would like to get the engine warmed up and the seals greased. Right now It will either crank over when i turn the key, or it will do nothing. This can change at any moment. If it does not turn over, i can come back 15 minutes later and it will turn over...? Could this be a bad contact in the key switch? Suggestion welcome!

2) Remove the T-10 trans and inspect for failure. If i find nothing wrong with the trans, i will then move onto the clutch. If i find nothing wrong there, i don't know where else to go. The drive train has a problem and i don't know what it is. When i put it into a forward gear, it feels like a burned up clutch. But when i put it into reverse, the clutch is just as grabby as it was before the problem. Also there is a tremendous vibration when in forward gears. Suggestion welcome!

3) SEAT BELTS! The '55 has 2 bench seats, covered in black vinyl. There are no seat belts in the car which is quite a problem when trying to drive around corners, or under acceleration. Anyone have any ideas here? Maybe some lap belts, or should i switch out for a set of bucket seats for comfort? Suggestions welcome!

4) Inspect entire brake system. It currently has drums all the way around, with a leaking wheel cylinder in the drivers rear. As far as i know, everything else works. I don't like have uncertainty with my brakes and as one person already sent me a PM informing me, it can have dire consequences. This is why i have choose to convert the front drums to disks, and possible the rears to disks as well. This is secondary though to properly inspecting and repairing all brake problems to begin with. I will probably drive this for awhile before converting as long as i feel i have a solid stopping system. Suggestions welcome!

5) Find a nice upgrade for the headlights. They work perfectly right now, but i live in MI with with A LOT of dear. I feel like i can never see far enough! Suggestions welcome of course.

6) Once this is all done, i have a friend who has worked in Fisher body, and owned a Body shop for over 30 years that i will be taking this too for him to help me inspect all the possible safety issues that i will undoubtedly miss.

If anyone thinks that i might have these listed in the wrong order let me know. Also if anyone has any suggestions on anything in general please send them my way.

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06-27-2007 07:47 PM New beginning
Well i have some good news!

1) i have not forgot about this site and this cars needs!

2) I have sold my new motorcycle to release some debt, and allow me more freedom with other ventures...(this one in particular)

3) Sometime in the near future i will taking more pictures and putting together a game plan as far as what direction i will be heading with this and how much it is going to cost me. Once this is done, i will have a better idea of how quickly this will be done.

Untill then.....

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