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10-13-2008 03:29 PM More Rocking!
With the intakes all in place I just went right back down the line and set the exhaust rockers in place. Ending up with the last one on lucky number 7! With the rockers all in place I took a small syringe and filled it up with 30wt and gave each rocker a freshen up of lubricant for the trial fire up.

I'll put everything back on and in place and fire her up as soon as my valve cover gasket sealer permatex "right stuff p/n 25224" sets up!

Woohoo! It's back to getting this old girl back out on the road.

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  [Entry #285]

10-13-2008 03:24 PM Rock On!
After peeling off all my old rockers and studs I set the new ARP studs at 55ftlbs that Smeding sent my way. Then I proceeded to crank the engine over clockwise by hand and set each rocker in place. I did all the intakes first. EIIE EIIE 1235687. With the rockers well lubed and done up with assembly lube in the cups and rollers I set them with the flat part of the truion up and then hand tightened the nylock. Then I gave the nylock a 3/4 turn then tightened the hex set screw and then gave the nylock nut a final 1/4 turn to set the preload.

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  [Entry #284]

10-13-2008 03:16 PM Santa Comes Early
As you may know the old girl has been outta commission for the past couple of weeks with a batch of weak rocker studs.

The guys over at Smeding decided to send me a sweet care package not once but twice - yeah they are that cool. The first package went MIA as UPS "lost" it. It later turned up looking like it had tittie twist off with a gorilla - as the package was just thrashed and with most of the goods missing. Being paitient Smeding gave it another try this time with FedEx and 'viola' Ground service come through with this lil dity.

Thanks Smeding Perfomance.

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  [Entry #283]

09-06-2008 12:19 AM Dog Day Afternoon! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr
Well after getting my fresh exhaust on and heading home I had a bit of scare. I'm cruising along light and mild and all of a sudden the engine goes rough - real rough. I pull over about a mile from the house and popped the hood and could not find anything a miss.

So got her home and took a second look at her - Sounded like she was only firing on 7 cylinders. Checked out the wiring, plugs and ignition and all were fine. Did a compression check and found number one pushing a whopping 15lbs. Oh that made for big pit in my stomach. This is a crate gem and I do not want to pull that puppy - not now!

I pulled the valve cover and found a nice little treat that the pooh fairy left me! A rocker rolled right out of the cover and I snagged mid air. Apparently the rocker stud snapped off thus the dead hole. I'm a little concerned if there is some lose metal floating around as the rocker has a few dings/chips in it from the poly lock that danced around under the valve cover during the party. The stud looks like it broke clean into two pieces without other shrapnel and fragments.

Bolts can fail... The guys at Smeding who built the engine were super and are gonna FedEx out a new rocker, rod, stud and poly lock to whip her back into shape. Till then I just have to find other things to work on... not really fair as after almost 2 years we were just getting re-acquainted.

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  [Entry #282]

09-06-2008 12:06 AM Pipe Dream!
It was pretty straight forward as I had already added the passenger's side exhaust tab hangers when I was restoring the under carriage. Larry and I both like the look of the exhaust dumping right behind the tire. I opted for the X pipe over the H pipe and straight dump exhaust tips for no frills an all business look.

Larry had a few tight squeezes over the rear axle and then clearing the inverted sway bar and gas tank filler neck, but like any master - he had a few tricks to lick the situation. This and clearing the 700r4 is why I would never buy an exhaust pipe kit, plus the characters that hang out at Jacks during the day are full of great hot rod stories and drive some pretty slick cars. I hung out for awhile just to shot the ***** with these gurus.

Well here she is in the flesh - thanks Larry, the exhaust system is straight up stone cold sexy!

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  [Entry #281]

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