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09-17-2008 09:28 PM Change of Plans
Today was spent fixing the shop door, the screws for the throw plates on both sides were grabbing nothing but splinters and it couldn't be trusted to keep banditos away. After I patched in some new wood and got that all fixed up I turned my attention to the sandblast cabinet.

It looks like a Snap-on cabinet that somebody modified to be extra deep. It will hold parts as large as a car door or fender. Trouble is the rickety legs up front were buckling under the extra weight. Also the blowers and lights failed to power up. I started working on a platform for it to support the weight and will add casters too. I'll rewire it as well. I'll be needing it very soon.

Change of Plans: After staring at my own pics of the engine compartment I decided to sandblast it prior to welding in the radiator support and aprons. The access will never be easier than it is right now. I'm not too worried about the bottom of the firewall. That's actually the front toe pans which will be replaced.

I found a Dynacorn radiator support on Ebay so I bought it and hope to have it early next week. In the meantime I'll be working on the blast cabinet and preparing to blast the engine compartment and the outside of the front with fenders off. Goal is early Saturday for that. I'll spend the rest of the day cleaning up the mess and try to get it in epoxy primer Sunday. I'll need to get all my ducks in a row because after this week I go back to being a weekend warrior on my project. Work sure interferes with your life huh?

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09-16-2008 11:11 PM Fender Apron Day
I drove up to Dallas Mustang to pickup my fender aprons and radiator support. They didn't have a good Dynacorn support in stock so I left with just the 2 inner fender aprons. That means I can't do much more than moc-up until I get the radiator support. I may drive to Waco tomorrow if they have it.

I used a spot weld cutter to remove the left apron, ground the flanges smooth and clamped the new apron in place. I still need to drill some holes to mig it in. Weld through primer too. Also the 3 bolt holes for the outer shock tower support were not pre-drilled. After I lined everying up and clamped it, I just sprayed some rattle can primer through the support to mark my apron for drilling. I used the spot weld drill as a hole saw for those bolt holes and it worked great. I didn't get as much done as I hoped to today but I spent a good deal of time cleaning the shop up as I had tools and parts everywhere.

Out with the old, in wth the new:

(click photo to enlarge)

(click photo to enlarge)

(click photo to enlarge)
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09-15-2008 09:58 PM The latest
I took the week off form work to get a jump on my Mustang project. Saturday was a bust, thanks to Hurricane Ike. It was rainy and crappy all day so I ended up pricing parts on the net.

Sunday I took out the pedals, fresh air vents, and the last of the interior under the dash. The only thing left inside is the steering wheel and column. I need it for now to move the car outside for sandblasting later this week (hopefully). I also removed the cracked front windshield. The rest of the day was spent cleaning up the windshield sealant goop. What a mess!

Today I spent half the day bagging and tagging parts & hardware that came off the car. Later I decided to pull the top end off my engine. Well, not thrilled. It is full of crusty black tar like sludge that my buddy Dirk said is Pennzoil sludge. The water passages were filmed over with a crusty iron sludge too. I poked those through and antifreeze came out ok, but this engine was not well cared for. The piston tops were solid black with heavy carbon buildup as were the valves etc. There were noticable ridges on the cylinders and one had a small bit of rust freckling. I oiled it down, but a hone will not do. This block needs to be hot tanked and bored too I bet. I didn't have a mic, so not sure if it's been bored before. I doubt it though. I managed to break 2 bolts that hold the water pump to the timing chain cover. Luckily they don't go into the block so the waterpump came off ok. I left the timing chain cover and crank pulley on for now.

When I bought the car I assumed I'd need a motor and figured if I could get this one running it would be a bonus. I'm going to focus on the floorpans, fender aprons, and radiator support next. My plan is to get the welding done and the car in epoxy primer. Then doing the body work will buy me some time to save dough for the engine.

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09-11-2008 01:10 AM My Vision
Well, I basicaly have 2 choices, all original or resto-mod. All original & I'll end up with a car I don't want and spend years tracking down parts so some weenie judge at a show won't knock off a point. Resto-mod and I'll end up with a dream car. I guess there aren't 2 choices afterall, huh!? I plan to combine the best of the Boss & Mach 1 features to create a car that didn't exist in 1969, a Boss 351. It will have the Mach 1 Deluxe interior (already have it), Mach 1/Boss 302 style flat black hood, Boss 429/Mach quarter scoops (got 'em), and a hopped up 351W 4v. I'll use the '69 Boss 302 stripe kit altered to say Boss 351. It will have the front and real spoilers and a kick butt stereo. I plan on upgrading to a T5 tranny and Traction Loc 3.50 in the rearend. I considered Black, Yellow, and Grabber Blue. I decided on yellow. Picture the yellow car below with quarter scoops and either a shaker hood scoop or large Boss 429 scoop. That is my vision.

(click photo to enlarge)

(click photo to enlarge)

(click photo to enlarge)
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09-11-2008 12:52 AM Notes about the car
It was born "Winter Blue" which is a light blue metallic, painted once and changed to maroon. It was probably a Maco or Earl Scheib cheapo job as it was poorly done. After it was soda blasted an amatuer hack primered it, full of runs. I pulled the gas tank and was surprised to see rock solid mounting flanges in the trunk for it. The floor pans from the seat risers back are in great shape rust wise. The are a couple places where a knucklehead jacked the car up & creased things on the underside. It has the late '69 all '70 bolt in style door glass. That's a huge bonus. The interior came out quickly. I noticed it must have suffered a heater core leak as the steam caused rust under the dash on most of the metal. Everything is out now and will be blasted and gone through.

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