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Just had my heart ripped out ,I cant believe it.

Went to go look at my 84 Dodge Ram 150 tonight at my dads farm.

The cab doors floors no rust what so ever <I keep it up there for the space he said it was ok.

My main goal was to make a street lilred but in 1984 trim and step side

which I just found the frame yesterday fro 400 beautiful ,right .

If I dont make sense forgive me im very upset,and very hurt ,but who cares.

My brother lives on the farm rent free and has an 82 step side its scrap he let it go to he$$.

I pick up my little boy 10 years old ask him if he was interested in get the
dodge and bringing it to my garage up where I live.

He knew the plan and was very excited just like I was.

My truck was in the upper part of the field were it set out of the way of everything,I go up ,its dark now.

Then I see my window shield looked cracked thought the winter cold did it.

It was used for target practice and had 6 30/30 holes in the window shield
the cowl ,threw the seat threw the back into the extra parts I saved for it.

They blew out the back glass destroyed all my stuff in back,blew a hole in the dash then that bullet went threw the cab tearing the sheet metal.

Very strange thing the doors hood hood ornament stuff my brother needed for his truck was undamaged.

They also took all my loose change tools and my speakers,and I had a
M90 blower off a buick v-6 in the cab it was gone.

Got back in my Chevy truck and called my Dad and asked him what happened
he said "I dont anything about that your brother had guys over and thats all I know"
I said it was his gun that did the damage my brothers.The holes diameter
the damage and the slug stuck in the hood in back.

So my worthless father knew what happened,and DID NOTHING NOT EVEN CALL ME.

I keep my cool Told dad well Hes going to jail Ive had it You let him steal my tools and you did nothing im calling the State Police and pressing charges.

The I hung up,called the States and the officer was there in 30-45 minutes.
While I was waiting I tried to call my dad back at his girl friends house.

Told her that the State Police wanted to talk to him about it was he there.

The next few words out of that persons mouth goes like this ,You know that truck was all rusted up and not worth anything,and your dad had nothing to do with it.

I DID NOT LOSE MY KARMA focus focus ,after listening to her exceptional english I told her gotta go the police are here.

Told the officer what was going on who owned what and what happened.
We went back and he listed all the damages and the shooting points.

I have photos and the officer said is your brother home ,I dont know .

I still have Dalt with me and he right beside me so I cann cover him at all costs.

The officer proceeded to knock and guess he was home, My brother put the shooting on a guy that lived in the house with him.

They talked for a good 30 min,the officer came back out and told me that
he was trying to get me to take my property of the farm that dad owns.
Because he lives there,That didnt go over to good with the Officer

Under the law in PA you have to give notice and have papers to get rid of property,then its 90 days after that.

Good part ,The officer said if that slug matches your gun we will not be
talking later so tell me now what happened.
Well I didnt shoot the truck,but what if I did maybe part of it.

The next step I have to get a list of all that is destroyed and stolen

hes being charged with destruction of private property,Yes Im pressing charges.
So far what a DAY.Thanks for reading, If I lost you for give me ,very upset.
have a good day ,no joke.
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