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just passed the 1000 dead mark

another 'nam i think. why? cause a) we're not at war, terrorists or not and b) by now, nobody there wants to be there. almost everyone is nat'l guard or reserves and joined on the "one weekend a month" promise, now they've been there over a year. this is called the "back-door draft" bout c) cant tell friend from foe. yeah, i was glad we went there to kill Saddam (oops) cause we blew it in the first one (i served thru '92). but now it's like we are there for no reason other than to atone for blowing them up in the first place. no WMD, no terrorist "hotbed", nothing was there. anyway. lots of our guys getting waxed and i'm starting to wonder why we are there. as in, what good is it doing? over 100 have died in afghanistan as well. still no osama. i know a guy who says Bush already caught him and is waiting for the day before the election to "catch" him. interesting idea. this has been debated over and over and just turns into a *****fight so i dont want to debate the rightness or the wrongness of it, just saying 1000 american lives are worth more than the whole f'ing country of iraq. they're worth more than the whole middle east. most of us want to turn iraq into glass, i say add isreal, syria, saudi arabia, iran, etc etc and then we'll be making some progress. since we can't we should just turn our backs on all of them, make our cars run on corn and/or water and FK 'em. let them drink their oil. we've had since 1973 to wean ourselves of gasoline and the only thing detroit has done is build more and more 12mpg suv's. this is BulSht! have you seen Bush's nat'l guard record? who in hell ever voted for that peckerhead four years ago? how could he have ever been a candidate with a record like that? and Kerry's senate voting record? they both need to be shot. where do they find these guys and why do stupid f'ers vote for them? why arn't their records put onto the front pages of the amerikan (monopoly owned) papers? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
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