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Bull, as a Vet, with a couple of tours in "Nam" and many years in the Reserve, I can't agree with some that you have said. First, I have correspondence from many people that have been there, on leave from there , and volunteering to return. They paint a much different picture than you and the every day liberal press that sees nothing but bad and report nothing of the good. As for as the Reserve/Guard, they did sign on knowing that they must drill one week end per month and two weeks active duty, but they also knew that they were subject to a recall at any time. Our tax payers dollars have been invested and now that investment is paying off. Also, the numbers of Guard/Reserve in the two countries are below 50%. In fact the percentage there is about the same percentage as the Active/ Reserve Forces structure in peace time. One of the reasons there are so many Reserve Forces at this time is because the Active Force reduced their numbers of security, engineering, and medical troops and put them into the Reserve Forces when William Jefferson Clinton dismantled our Active Force in the 90s. Now is the time they have need these skills the most. Also, many of the Air Force flying units are made up of Reserve Forces and even some of the equipment needed is only found there as per the above mentioned cuts.
Many of my friends and colleagues have been supporting the no fly zones since Desert Storm, the first War with Saddam, as well as Bosnia. As a whole their morale and unit strength remains high and proud.

I am personally impressed with how few troops have lost their lives. In fact, any intelligent thinking person should know that the masses of Iraqi people are glade we are there, or the 60,000 to 1 ratio would wipe our troops out in a heart beat!!!! But our talking and writing media can't "see the forest for the trees" because they only want to believe what they want to sell to the uninformed public.

Ben Laden may well be dead, but even if alive, he has been rendered useless as far as we here at home are concerned. The terrorist activity in Russia needs to be watched closely. Russia is right now reconsidering their stand on our going into Iraq. France and Spain will follow soon and I predict Germany will also within a year. You see, the terrorist wins when any one gives in, but for us, that stopped when our President put the safety of Americans above his own career in the White House. It is refreshing to me to see that because we have had so many "Party First, Me Second, and America some where well down the totem pole in Washington for so long.I can only say "Lord help us if John Kerry gets elected!!!

Speaking of oil, I read just this morning about the Billions of barrels of oil our Northern Neighbors are sitting on because of the difficulties of getting it out. Well, that little old company called Hailburton Tool Co has or can build the equipment to do the job when the Canadian government decides to go after it. It's obvious that most of the American public does not know that Haliburton is not in the oil business. They just develop, build and distribute the equipment and tools for the oil companies to go after it.
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