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Trees, I could not have said it any more clearly than you. Most of the talk is from brainwashed people that do not understand the ramifications they are causing by the way they talk. WE WERE ATTACKED ON OUR GOOD OLD USA SOIL AND LOST THOUSANDS OF LIVES. Are we to just turn our backs and not retaliate? NO!!! We have a President now that has a will to TAKE THE WAR TO THE TERRORIST and we should be grateful for his stand. I am a retired disabled Vet and it just chaps my butt to hear supposedly intelligent people say we have no right to be there. We have OVER THREE THOUSAND REASONS to be there. If we would have gone to war during the last administration to retaliate for the Embassy that was bombed, The WTC that was bombed in '93, The USS COLE that was bombed, I believe with all my heart that the WTC would still be standing. It is just like a bully on a school campus when he finds a student that is weaker than he or one that will not stand up to him, he will be on the attack constantly until the weaker is totally subserviant to him or someone steps up to aide him in the clash.

Willys36, Thanks for the pictures, for therein is the three thousand plus reasons for being in the Middle East. Now let us take it a little farther, the three thousand is only the dead, what about the ones that survived but suffered injury. What about the families of the dead and injured. If you still think we should not be there, perhaps you rather they be here killing our wives and children or raping our women and destroying our way of life.

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