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Rubberman2003 01-15-2003 02:58 PM

Just a questions, are OHC engines better in every sense than a pushrod moter?
ive saw both, the OHC moters have a lot less to them it looks like but i dont know very much hehe?

KULTULZ 01-15-2003 03:01 PM


Now we await the mechanical engineers and factory certified responses... :D

deuce_454 01-16-2003 07:54 AM

yes, and thats from a mechanical engineer... say kultuz what is the deal with you and my education, i keep finding small sarcastic remarks on the topic..?

dk01_99 01-16-2003 09:42 AM

hehe :D

dk01_99 01-16-2003 09:43 AM

i think your safer running higher rpm's on an OHC motor because they havent any pushrods and wont cause as much drag?? something like that.

blockhead 01-16-2003 12:07 PM

Push rods were invented AFTER overhead cams, simpler set-up, repair costs lower. No contest.

This is a non-certified response :)

[ January 16, 2003: Message edited by: blockhead ]</p>

steppenwolf 01-16-2003 07:28 PM

pushrod motors are a lot more common for these sort of applications (hotrodding) so there are a lot more speed parts available for relatively cheaply... not too many OHC v8's out there, (are there any?) and not too many of us (speaking for the board in general) who want to be running 4- or 6-bangers. i think it's a matter of taste and availability more than technical superiority, especially since there are so few direct comparisons.

steppenwolf 01-16-2003 07:29 PM

so... better, perhaps in a technical/mechanical sense. in a common-sense sense, i'm not so sure.

Super Streeter 01-16-2003 07:48 PM

OHC engine can be spun faster with less valvefloat,they dont need as much spring pressure.They also give the builder more room for ports since you dont have pushrods in the way.A single overhead cam setup is good,but is limited because for the most part all the valve angles have to be the same,and canted valve heads are a little tricky.Dul overhead cams allow the valves to be placed across the bore the opposite way of most pushrod engines,which offers a better intake port design potential.Overhead cams lend themselves to variable cam timning setups,and dual overhead cams are the rwla way to make variable vavle timing work.I am not a big impor fan,but I think there is a lot to be had wit that Vtec stuff.On a pushrod V8,you can only gain a small amount by moving the entire cam a few degrees,but with dual cams{one for the intakes and one for the exhast}the potential is much greater since both lobes can be moved independently.Unfortatley,I am not a big EFI fan,and all the overhead cam stuff out there is centered around EFI stock applications,so it will be a while before I get my hands into one.

crazy larry 01-16-2003 07:54 PM

[quote]not too many OHC v8's out there, (are there any?) <hr></blockquote>

one comes to mind, and I like it. have one in the family that i might stand to come into someday, would make a great go cart. the v8 in the lincoln ls; dohc 32 valve 240 ci (lol) 10.5:1 comp. on 91 octane w/ 252 horsies @6100rpm and 261 ft# torgue @ 4300 rpm. all aluminum. the way of the future is here.

and that is the response of a schnook <img src="graemlins/pimp.gif" border="0" alt="[pimp]" />

[ January 16, 2003: Message edited by: crazy larry ]</p>

stonedchihuahua 01-16-2003 08:12 PM

One problem I can think of.... If you wanna put a hotter cam in you need 2 of em...

[ January 16, 2003: Message edited by: stonedchihuahua ]</p>

crazy larry 01-16-2003 08:28 PM

actually, you'd need 4 and "whats the problem?" its only money. and your talking about more power. damn boy, whats gotten into you. you dipping them doob's in formaldehyde?

stonedchihuahua 01-16-2003 08:35 PM

well yeah 2 cams per head... anyhow... MONEY IS NOT CHEAP!!!! if you get what I mean

dk01_99 01-16-2003 08:40 PM

money not cheap....not unless you do this!!!! <img src="graemlins/crash.gif" border="0" alt="[crash]" />

mustang66maniac 01-16-2003 08:43 PM

its only money. if you can't spend it, what good is it for? Its not worth the effort you go through to get it if you can't spend it. thats my philosophy. Ford Modulars are stupendous in my opinion

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