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Well some great tips here guys thanks for all the info. Ok on my carburetor I did not use the stock jetting cause I figured it would be to lean with the 65 on the primary's. My Dad has the same carb on a stock 302 ford and it has the same primary jets. His motor has only about 225 hp as to where mine is pushing 400 so I know it would take more in fuel wise and thus would require a couple of size up in jet size correct? If I am wrong by all means fill me in

Now on the part of the pcv valve how does it affect the idle circuit on the carburetor by chance? That is the first I have heard that one and am trying to learn all the knowledge I can get. I never plan on racing this thing just having something nice to drive and run good and strong.

On my valve covers they are made for Jegs and they are stamped steel chrome ones. The baffles are in the right spot between two rocker arms. They actually have what seems like a good baffle system installed but they are welded and would not know what to do to make them better for not letting oil get up on top. They are also tall style valve covers.

I had already got the idle set as lean as I can get it. I cracked open the secondary's to allow more air flow at idle and the transfer slot is exposed only about .040 to.045 at the most and that was actually how holley had it when it came with the factory setting but I still had to adjust it but is still within the specs I said above. I have a holley tuning book from SA design and have read that thing back and forth using as much info as possible. The idle mixture screws are 1.5 turns out. If I go to one turn out the engine gets to rough and if you turn it back in more and have less then one turn out say about 3/4 the motor dies so the idle mixture has to be as lean as possible but other then that.

I only put my choke on for winter use I just had to get it set and such. But using the choke is it not basically the same thing as holding your gas pedal down to get your idle up to 1500 rpm anyways? I wanted to use it so my truck can warm up during winter while I can go back inside my house if I have to do a few things. Was told the choke flap helps create a suction vacuum affect and actually helps your engine warm up better that way then just holding the gas pedal down. Ok fbird how do I get a dummy pcv valve? Do I just take the guts out of one? I do thank you guys for your help. Will try some of the suggestions.
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