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Lol this went crappy. The only thing that would make this pissing contest better would be a couple of 24 packs! Yeah I said it despise me for it lol geesh....

Im sure with him being deployed he doesnt want or need this on his mind which is why im sure he was asking advice. All said and done its between them to figure and sort out. It would be awesome of you to help the kid out but is it a mandatory obligation to do so? No.

When. I was younger 17 my dad and I went to a small used car lot looking for a daily driver for me to get to work and school and w.e basically nothing special. So we didnt want to spend over a thousand. All of the autos were as is with no warranties because they were all older under 2000 dollars. Found one for 500 bucks late 80s k car ok checked it all out *looked* like it would last long enough before anything crapped out or the auto just died didnt care it was a k car. The second day of driving it front end vibrating ok no biggie not bad its only a daily so w.e. later that day the entire drivers side assembly went out just shy of rubbing tire on wheel well. Not worth fixing told dad about the car. We went back to the place talked with the guy in a nice manner and he took it back with no problems and knocked off 300 dollars off of one of the other cars that were of better condition because it wasnt a k car lol he said he didnt do anything to it because of this and we didnt blame him. So all in all we both lost a little but we both gained as well. But he was a dealer....of sorts...all autos were as is and if we wanted to take it the dick head route and go off the handle we wouldve only been considered dicks and been called a retard even by anyone having authority in law because some things are just that apparent. But being nice and talking things through with him he helped us out sure he got more money but he couldve just turned us away having to scrap an auto out of 500 bucks and back to square one of looking for a daily.
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